Warm ups august 28 sept 10th
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Warm Ups August 28 - Sept. 10th - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm Ups August 28 - Sept. 10th.

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Warm ups august 28 sept 10th

Warm UpsAugust 28 -Sept. 10th

8-28-13Jonathan and Jan had been married just a few weeks, and they were buying their first new car. Jonathan’s eye kept going back to the little two-seater in the center of the showroom. It reminded him of an expensive Italian sports car, but it was American and did not cost as much. But Jan was firm. “It’s just too small for us,” she said. “It may be a great second car, but this is our first.”Jonathan sighed as he slid behind the steering wheel of the compact sedan. He could see the little two-seater through the windshield. Jan sat beside him, smiling.Decide if each statement is true, false, or inference.A. As a bachelor, Jonathan would have bought the two-seater.B. Jan couldn’t take her eyes off the sports car.C. The sports car had been made in AmericaD. Jonathan and Jan will buy the compact sedan.

Answers 8 28 13 a inference b false c true d inference
Answers 8-28-13A. InferenceB. FalseC. TrueD. Inference

8-29-13Lee stared at the wall. A small space still looked bad. Should she go back and repaint it? She knew if she did that, she would lose time. She would also have to clean the brush again. Lee groaned. She wanted to go to a party later, and it would take her the rest of the afternoon to get ready. Maybe her neighbor wouldn’t notice the badly painted area. Lee sighed. Then she pulled the painted can toward her and slipped the screwdriver under the lid.Decide if each statement is true, false or inference.A. Lee could repaint the space quickly.B. Lee would have to clean her brush if she repainted the area.C. Lee will repaint the area on the wall.D. Lee wondered if her neighbor would notice the badly painted area.

Answers 8 29 13 a false b true c inference d true
Answers 8-29-13A. FalseB. TrueC. InferenceD. True

8-30-13The tick is an eight-legged relative of the spider. It will attach itself to you or to your pet and suck blood. Some species carry diseases. Colorado tick fever and relapsing fever are two such diseases common in the western half of the United States. Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which occurs throughout the U.S., is more serious and sometimes fatal. All three kinds of tick fever have similar symptoms that appear about a week after a tick bite: high fever, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and sometimes muscle aches. With Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tiny pink dots appear around the wrists and ankles and eventually over the entire body.Decide if each statement is true, false, or inference.A. A person with Rocky Mountain spotted fever gets pink dots around wrists and ankles.B. It is wise for a person who experiences nausea and vomiting following a tick bite to see a doctor.C. A tick is a six-legged insect that carries diseases.D. Colorado tick fever, relapsing fever and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are 3 kinds of tick fever.

Answers 8 30 13 a true b inference c false d true
Answers 8-30-13A. TrueB. InferenceC. FalseD. True

9-2-13 Mon. “I’d like you to improve your handwriting, Robin,” said Mrs. Day. “I have trouble keeping on the line,” said Robin. “Your letters could be formed more carefully too,” replied Mrs. Day. “You’re an open-house writer. It’s hard to tell what some of your letters are, since you don’t always close them. When you write an a, it often looks like a u or v.”Decide if each statement it true, false or inference.A. Mrs. Day is Robin’s teacher.B. Robin has a good attitude at school.C. Mrs. Day criticized Robin for not crossing her t’s.D. Mrs. Day called Robin an “open-house” writer.

Answers 9 2 13 a inference b inference c false d true
Answers 9-2-13A. InferenceB. InferenceC. FalseD. True

Sept 3, 2013 Tuesday“Mom, won’t you please buy some candles?” Terry begged. “I’ve spent two days making them, but no one will buy any. I’ve just got to make money so I can go to the World Series.” Mrs. Norton looked at the misshapen candles. The wax was dirty and embedded with ants that had had the misfortune to fall in to the melting pot. Smoky stripes completed the decorations. “Well,” she said reluctantly, “I’ll try one.” The candle burned with a sputtering flame for three seconds. Then the flame wilted, leaned sidewase, and went out.Decide if each statement is true, false or inference.A. Terry did not have a good formula for making candles.B. Mrs. Norton bought ten candles.C. Terry wanted to go to the World Series.D. Terry had spent two weeks making candles.

Answers sept 3 2013 tuesday a inference b false c true d false
Answers Sept 3, 2013 Tuesday A. InferenceB. FalseC. TrueD. False

Sept. 4, 2013Steve’s parents were in the kitchen putting dishes, pots, and pans, in to various cupboards and organizing them. Some cupboards were half-empty, and there were boxes scattered about the room. “How was school, Steve?” his father asked as the young boy breezed into the room. “Not bad!” Steve answered enthusiastically. “I ate lunch with a couple of neat guys who live on the next street, and-guess what - there’s a swimming pool in the school, and they have a team! I’m trying out for it next week.”Decide if each statement is true, false, or inference.A. Steve had eaten lunch at home.B. Steve’s family has just moved into a new home.C. There is a swimming pool in the school.D. Steve’s parents were organizing things in the kitchen when Steve got home.

Answers 9 4 13 a false b inference c true d true
Answers 9-4-13A. FalseB. InferenceC. TrueD. True

Sept 5, 2013 Her name was Isabella, and she was born in Hurley, New York, about 1797. In her early adult years she was a slave. After she became free, she moved to New York City but couldn’t earn a good living there. In 1843, Isabella changed her name to “Sojourner Truth.” “The spirit calls me,” she said, “and I must go.” Sojourner Truth began to travel and lecture. She became one of the greatest orators of her time. At her first few words her audiences became spellbound. In deep, thought not loud tones, Sojourner Truth spoke for all human rights. Her remarks were often followed by much cheering.Decide is each statement is true, false, or inference.A. Sojourner Truth was born in New York City.B. With only a few words, Sojourner Truth could make an audience spellbound.C. Long-continued cheering frequently followed Sojourner Truth’s statements.D. Sojourner Truth gave hope to all discouraged people wherever she journeyed.

Answers 9 5 13 a false b true c true d inference
Answers 9-5-13A. FalseB. TrueC. TrueD. Inference

Sept 6, 2013 Pica, an illness marked by the craving and consuming of nonfood items, is more common than most people realize. Chalk, clay, dirt, paper, plaster, starch and tinfoil are only a few things eaten by people afflicted with pica. Some pica sufferers crave their own hair. Eating it by the handfuls until clumps of it form in their stomachs and surgery is required. Pica is very common among children, who usually outgrow the condition by the time they reach five or six. Because young children often eat paint chips, laws have been designed to limit the amount of lead in house paint.A. Babysitters need to learn about pica.B. Pica sufferers generally crave chocolate candy and ice cream.C. Children with pica are susceptible to lead poisoning.D. By the time children are five or six, they usually outgrow pica.

Answers 9 6 13 friday a inference b false c inference d true
Answers 9-6-13 FridayA. InferenceB. FalseC. InferenceD. True

9-9-13 Traffic poked along the now-darkening streets of the city as Manuel made his way uptown toward his apartment on Tenth Street. To his left, he could see a gloomy row of buildings that appeared to huddle together in misery. To his right, he observed the fuzzy outlines of the park that always seemed so bright and cheerful during the day. Impressed by what he saw, Manuel thought about how interesting it was that familiar places seemed to change as day turned into night.A. Manuel usually traveled home during the day.B. The traffic was moving swiftly.C. Manuel was moving away from his apartment.D. To his right, Manuel saw the park.

9 9 13 a inference b false c false d true
9-9-13A. InferenceB. FalseC. FalseD. True

9-10-13 Tuesday Sherlock Holmes knelt and peered intently through his magnifying glass. “Aha, Watson!” he cried as he plucked from the carpet several strands of long white hairs, stained with red. “You see, the victim was struck here, and her body was taken elsewhere. It would have been impossible for such a fragile person to struggle successfully against a husky attacker.” T F IA. Watson found the strands of hair in a chair.B. Holmes told Watson that the victim’s body had been taken somewhere else.C. The victim was and elderly lady.D. The victim had suffered a blow to the head.

9 10 13 a false b true c inference d inference
9-10-13A. FalseB. TrueC. InferenceD. Inference