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Head. Project Management-gruppe. Project Management-gruppe. Stakeholder contracting & Gode rapporteringsformer . Project Management-gruppe. Forventet output efter denne session Indsigt i: Hvorfor er Stakeholder contracting vigtigt i forbindelse med ledelses rapportering

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  1. Head Project Management-gruppe

  2. Project Management-gruppe • Stakeholdercontracting • & • Gode rapporteringsformer

  3. Project Management-gruppe • Forventet output efter denne session • Indsigt i: • Hvorfor er Stakeholdercontracting vigtigt i forbindelse med ledelses rapportering • Hvorledes sikres en god ledelses-rapportering/kommunikation

  4. Project Management-gruppe • Hvad er StakeholderContracting ?

  5. Project Management-gruppe • En lille øvelse (5 min): • Sæt jer i grupper med 3 personer

  6. Project Management-gruppe • Hvad er StakeholderContracting ? • Stakeholder may refer to (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia): • Stakeholder (corporate), a person, group, organization, or system who affects or can be affected • by an organization's actions • Project stakeholder, a person, group or organization with an interest in a project. • Stakeholder theory, a theory that identifies and models the groups which are stakeholders of a • corporation or project • Stakeholder analysis, the process of identifying those affected by a project or event. • Contract (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia): • In law, a contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties which, if it contains • the elements of a valid legal agreement, is enforceable by law[1] or by binding arbitration. A legally • enforceable contract is an exchange of promises with specific legal remedies for breac. • Dvs at Stakeholder Contracting er en bindendeaftaleomgensidigeløfter • mellem to parter med ensinteresse.

  7. Stakholder Analysis: Hvem er dine stakeholder ?

  8. Stakholder Analysis: Hvor er dine stakeholder ? Team-work er holistisk Organisation Strategisk Taktisk Operationel Formelle & uformelle stakeholder

  9. Why is a stakeholder Analysis important? • Ensure all stakeholders are informed to be able to make the right decisions • Ensure involvement & commitment of all relevant people • Keep each other informed about current status • Not doing things twice • Knowledge sharing • … Successful team work!

  10. The way to successfull team work • Personal relations • Successful team work • Business relations Det er vigtigt at dechifrere (afkode) både de: personlige relationer og de arbejdsmæssige relationer

  11. How to establishsucessfull teamwork • Purpose of teamwork • Goal for this teamwork • Possible obstacles • Problem solving to ensure that it is effective and has impact Step 1 • Supporting each other • Dealing with conflicts • Having fun • Values to observe in the way we work together • Sharing insights • Criteria for success • Goals as individuals – professionally and personally • Individual daily work, tasks & routines • Managing schedules Personalcontrating • Strengths and limitations as a team • Most important learning experience to each of us • Individual learning preferences • Learning from each other • Exchanging feedback • Process roles (e.g., time keeping, task coordinating, facilitating, documenting) • Assigning roles • Interacting • Making decisions

  12. How to establishsucessfull teamworkBusiness contracting Step 2 Strategisk Niveau AlwaysShare, beopen & honest

  13. How to establishsucessfull teamworkBusiness contracting Step 3 Taktisk Niveau AlwaysShare, beopen & honest

  14. How to establishsucessfull teamworkBusiness contracting Step 4 Operationel Niveau Share, beopen & honest

  15. Establish teamwork spirit Share, beopen & honest Objectives of personal and business contracting: Sharecommonunderstanding of team spirit Clarifyroles & goals Clarifyresponsibilities Clarifyexpectations Successfull team work! 15

  16. Project Management-gruppe • Spørgsmål !!

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