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BLACK BEAUTY. Esther Hyun H10 Literature Final exam. About the Author – Anna Sewell. * March 30 th , 1820 – April 25 th 1878 * Was born in Great Yarmouth , England * Her family was devout Quaker family * Mother , Mary Wright Sewell , was an author, a poet of children book

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Black beauty


Esther Hyun



Final exam

About the author anna sewell
About the Author – Anna Sewell

* March 30th, 1820 – April 25th 1878

* Was born in Great Yarmouth, England

* Her family was devout Quaker family

* Mother, Mary Wright Sewell, was an author,

a poet of children book

* Severely injured her ankles. Was lame and was unable to stand without crutch

* Used horse-drawn carriages a lot

= contributed to her love of horses

= concern for humane treatment of animals

Background of the story
Background of the Story

* Black Beauty – main character, narrator

* At Beauty’s first home

(with pleasant field, pond, trees, lawns.)

* From the young age of Beauty~

To old age of Beauty

* 1870s, many works for horses-

pulling carriages, cabs, carts, farming.

Summary of the story
Summary of the Story

* It is a story of a horse named Black Beauty. In the beginning, he lives very fine young life with his mom, however, when he is sold, first to one owner, then another, and another, he learns how hard and sad horses’ life can be. He suffers from many incidents with people’s personalities like kindness, consideration, sympathy, cruelty, and stupidity. At the end, Beauty meets his previous groom who was very friendly and kind to him. The man promises him not to sell again.

* Gorden→ John Manly → Joe Green → Lord Gray → Reuben Smith → Mr. Barry → Filcher → Jerry →Jakes → Nicholas → Joe Green


* Not exact conflict – because Beauty undergoes many hard time while he

meets many grooms, and people

* He has many conflicts with each people he met

* Gorden─ good horse rider/ offers good surroundings to horses

John Manly ─ respects horses with care/ understands horses’ condition, feeling

Joe Green ─ less experienced boy/ loves horses like his family/ thinks much of horses

Lord Gray ─ cold(in outward)warm-hearted

Reuben Smith ─ clever with horses/ excellent driver/ drinks too much/ makes Beauty hurt

Mr. Barry ─ knew few about horses

Filcher─ groom/ steals Beauty’s food/ makes Beauty dowdyish

Jerry─ warm-hearted/ man who drives cab/ kind to horse, people

Jakes ─ arrogant owner/ forces horse to carry heavy loads/ ignores the situation

Nicholas ─ ruthless cab horse owner


* Chapter 12: Hard times

* Life with Jakes and Nicholas

* Before Beauty meets Joe Green at last

* Jakes- Beauty’s work was pulling the cart. Some carts were very

heavy so that Beauty rests a lot. Every time, Beauty rests, Jakes shouted at

horse and whipped across Beauty’s back. One day, a woman stopped Jakes’

whipping horses because it was so cruel. The life of pulling heavy carts

everyday made Beauty exhausts.

* Nicholas- “It was a terrible life, and sometimes, like poor Ginger, I wished I

was dead.”(P.67) Nicholas used cruel whip with sharp thing at the end

which cut Beauty and mad him bleed. One day, four people used the cab

which Beauty was pulling. They realized that Beauty was in hard situation,

almost dying. However, Nicholas and other men ignores it and started

working. Beauty feel in a faint. Though Beauty was sick, Nicholas does not

think seriously. “Then he must go for dog food.” (P.68) Beauty was taken to

the horse fair.

Characters 1 black beauty
Characters 1 : Black Beauty

* Black Horse with white star on the forehead, one white foot, and little white place on the back

* Well trained horse, gentle, warm-hearted

* Intelligence : never bite or kick or runaway, “Black Beauty was cleverer than we were, and saved us all from drowning.” (P. 24)

“I have never ridden a more pleasant horse” (P.11)

Characters 2 jerry barker
Characters 2 : Jerry Barker

* Cab driver in London

* Small man but well-made and quick in movements

* Has peaceful families (Polly, Harry, Dolly)

* “What is your energy to live hard? You are a cab driver, and has not many things. But you are a generous and kind man to poor woman, baby, and horses. How do you have patience against many rude passengers?”


* Chapter 13 : My last Home

* Black Beauty was taken to horse fair. → young boy, Willie, bought Beauty. → Beauty got better to have good look back by Willie’s care→ Joe Green, who was goodgroom of Beauty takes Beauty.

* Good ending – Not dying, Not being troubled with

other bad owners. By meeting with good groom, Beauty

was happy. He could forget every bad memories of past

days. Now, he can only retrospect his good days with Joe

who loves horses like their family.

Moral teaching
Moral Teaching

* Animals have same sense as human that can feel pain, happiness, sadness, anger

* We should treat animals with love

* Humans (teachers, instructors, grooms) are important to train others (students, horses).

= People (horses) who get training will get many influences from instructors (= groom). The results can be changed.

First impression and final words
First Impression and Final Words

* Unique because the main character, narrator was an animal, horse

* Made me to rethink about my attitude, opinion on animals

* Realized that there are many mistakes made from human to animals

* Recommend you to read the book to grow our thoughts of surroundings like animals, friends, plants, etc, how we were treating them.