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High efficiency /Isolated PowerPoint Presentation
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High efficiency /Isolated

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High efficiency /Isolated - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High efficiency /Isolated
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  1. High efficiency /Isolated 1/8 Brick size DC-DC Converter CES Series P-type Digital Assist Control Power Supply 15th January, 2009 On-board Standard Dept. Cosel Co., Ltd.

  2. CE marking 5-year long warranty ■Specification ■CES P type -B:Optional Base plate

  3. ■The feature 1. Digital Assist Control by Micro-computer Factory rewritable program for many functions →Various customer requirements in short delivery time

  4. ■The feature of advanced design 2. Stable operation against Dynamic Input Voltage Transition *Minimized output fluctuation by Feed-forward circuit (Compared with Cosel previous product). Vin=36→60V Vin=60→36V 380mV 200mV/div OUTPUT VOLTAGE OUTPUT VOLTAGE Previous circuit topology 400mV INPUT VOLTAGE INPUT VOLTAGE 50V/div 40mV OUTPUT VOLTAGE 200mV/div OUTPUT VOLTAGE 60mV CES-P type INPUT VOLTAGE INPUT VOLTAGE 50V/div 200μsec/div 200μsec/div

  5. ■Heat radiation design NEW 3. Additional design for conduction cooling CES-P CES Forced air cooling design. Heat managed components layout for forced air cooling Conduction cooling design for base plated B option Totally flat surface design for heat-sink stress less. Both of them are now available for customer design choice.

  6. ■Base plated option “-B” Preliminary Load Factor Temperature on base plate Load Factor *Quarter-brick sized base plate Measuring point 100 degreeC operation in de-rating curve under conduction and forced air condition.

  7. ■Conduction cooling design for advanced customer applications Furthermore advanced customer design, direct conduction cooling idea will be our proposal. Thermal pad absorber is needed for less stress and better heat conduction as following Customer designed aluminum plate Direct contact components*1 Thermal pad absorber*2 *1 Must be contacted to all direct contact components and keep their package temperature 120 degreeC or below. *2 Thermal pad absorber thickness and thermal conductivity will be effected to the heat reduction.   (Isolated and flame-proofed thermal pad is recommended.)

  8. ・Design notice for advanced conductive cooling customer Primary voltage is in active On the left of red dots is Primary voltage area. You may concern about the creepage distance between them. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

  9. All Family of 1/4, 1/8 Brick CES series NEW CES series Type P CQS series