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Light Pollution Measured by the DSS-7 (Deep Space Spectrograph)

Light Pollution Measured by the DSS-7 (Deep Space Spectrograph). Rose Haber. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/61/212916043_7895484234.jpg Chicago, Illinois at night. Need. Glare Light Trespass Harms wildlife Wastes government money -Cinzano, 2009. Vancouver.

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Light Pollution Measured by the DSS-7 (Deep Space Spectrograph)

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  1. Light Pollution Measured by the DSS-7 (Deep Space Spectrograph) Rose Haber http://farm1.static.flickr.com/61/212916043_7895484234.jpg Chicago, Illinois at night

  2. Need • Glare • Light Trespass • Harms wildlife • Wastes government money -Cinzano, 2009 Vancouver http://farm1.static.flickr.com/101/285102672_4203221326.jpg

  3. http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/nightlights/blackout081403-20hrsbefore-text.jpghttp://www.noaanews.noaa.gov/nightlights/blackout081403-20hrsbefore-text.jpg

  4. Misdirected or misused light Inappropriate application of exterior lighting products Light causing a glow over urban/suburban areas LightPollution http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1293/554194288_965f5494cb.jpg

  5. Spectroscopy Spectrograph- takes light from a source and separates it by wavelength http://loke.as.arizona.edu/~ckulesa/camp/spectroscopy_intro.html

  6. Stellar Spectroscopy http://cass.ucsd.edu/public/tutorial/Stars.html

  7. http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpghttp://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpg Spectrograph Fundamentals

  8. http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpghttp://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpg The DSS-7 http://www.sbig.com/dss7/dss7.htm Absorption lines for different chemicals

  9. http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpghttp://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpg CCD Imaging http://www.sbig.com/sbwhtmls/online.htm ST-7XME CCD Camera

  10. Maxim DL • Photo-Processing image stacking software

  11. Literature Review Proposal of a Spectroscopic Map of Astronomical Sites Rosoni, 1997 Spectrum of the night sky at Mound Ekar Observatory Natural sky lines/ artificial lighting http://adsabs.harvard.edu/full/2000MmSAI..71..235R

  12. Literature Review Continued Modeling of Light Pollution in Suburban Areas Using Remotely Sensed Imagery and GIS Chalkias et. al, 2006 http://geoinformatics.sut.ac.th/sut/student/GISpresent/2006-1/light.pdf

  13. Literature Review Continued http://arxiv.org/pdf/0808.1196v1 Coupling MOAO with Integral Field Spectroscopy: specifications for the VLT and the E-ELT Puech et al., 2002 http://arxiv.org/pdf/0808.1196v1

  14. Literature Review Continued Visual measurements and spectral survey of night sky brightness in Venezuela and Italy F. Della Prugna, 1999 http://aas.aanda.org/index.php?option=article&access=doi&doi=10.1051/aas:1999426

  15. http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpghttp://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpg Purpose To examine the difference between the pollution of light in Manhasset, NY as opposed to the lack of pollution in Montauk, NY.

  16. http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpghttp://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpg Hypothesis • Null Hypothesis: no difference between the light pollution in both areas • Alternate Hypothesis: light pollution will be greater in Manhasset than in Montauk

  17. http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpghttp://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpg Methodology Light Pollution Measured by the DSS-7 Variable: sky measured DSS-7 in Manhasset, NY Control: sky measured by DSS-7 in Montauk, NY Procedure Spectrograph attached to the CCD imager, many images taken to examine types of light pollutants, images processed and stacked using Maxim DL software Measurement Measured once a week in Montauk and imaged, measured once a week in Manhasset and imaged over 7 months Analysis Graph/map of data collected Amounts vs. types of light pollution analyzed

  18. http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpghttp://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpg Do-Ability • Study done in accessible places • Manhasset, NY • Montauk, NY/ Upstate, NY • CCD imager/DSS-7 easily portable • Software downloaded for free off SBIG website/astronomy coolwiki

  19. http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpghttp://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpg Budget

  20. http://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpghttp://imgsrc.hubblesite.org/hu/db/images/hs-2002-10-c-web.jpg Works Cited • Chalkias, C., M. Petrakis, B. Psiloglou, and M. Lianou. "Modelling of light pollution in suburban areas using remotely sensed imagery and GIS." Journal of Environmental Management 76 (2004)): 57-63. Elesiver. Department of Geography, Harokopio University, 19 Sept. 2005. Web. http://geoinformatics.sut.ac.th/sut/student/GISpresent/2006-1/light.pdf • Cinzano. "Light Pollution Information by Starry Night Lights." Night Sky Friendly Outdoor Lighting. N.p., 2009. Web. http://www.starrynightlights.com/lpIndex.html • Cole, Gary M. "A Pellicle Autoguider for the DSS-7 Spectrograph." Pellicle Autoguider (2006): 153-56. Pellicle Autoguider. Starphysics Observatory, 2007. Web. http://articles.adsabs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-iarticle_query?2007SASS...26..153C&data_type=PDF_HIGH&whole_paper=YES&type=PRINTER&filetype=.pdf • Holmes, Alan. "DSS-7 Deep Space Spectrograph." SBIG Santa Barbara Instrument Group. N.p., 20 Mar. 2002. Web. http://www.sbig.com/dss7/dss7.htm • Kaler, James. "Obtaining Astronomical Spectra- Spectrographs." Australia Telescope Outreach and Education. CSIRO Australia, 23 June 2004. Web. http://outreach.atnf.csiro.au/education/senior/astrophysics/spectrographs.html • Kulesa, Craig. "What is Spectroscopy?" What is Spectroscopy? N.p., 4 Feb. 1997. Web. http://loke.as.arizona.edu/~ckulesa/camp/spectroscopy_intro.html • La Pointe, Robert. "Measuring the Hubble Constant Using SBIG's DSS-7." NASA Astrophysics Data System (2008): 137-40. Society for Astronomical Sciences Inc., 2008. Web. http://articles.adsabs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-iarticle_query?2008SASS...27..137L&data_type=PDF_HIGH&whole_paper=YES&type=PRINTER&filetype=.pdf • Licker, Mark D. “Dictionary of Astronomy” page 101; 2003 • Plavec, Mirek J.; “Stellar Evolution” McGraw-Hill,1997, pp 392-401. • Prugna, F. Della. "Visual measurements and spectral survey of night sky brightness in Venezuela and Italy." The European Southern Observatory (n.d.): n. pag. Astronomy and Astrophysics. Centro de Investigaciones de Astronom� CIDA, 9 Sept. 1999. Web. http://aas.aanda.org/index.php?option=article&access=doi&doi=10.1051/aas:1999426 • Puech, Michael, H. Flores, Michael Lehnert, B. Neichel, T. Fusco, P. Rosati, J.-G. Cuby, and Gary Rousset. "Coupling MOAO with Integral Field Spectroscopy: specifications for the VLT and the E-ELT." Observatoire de Paris (n.d.): n. pag. LESIA. Laboratoire d但strophysique de Marseille, 8 Aug. 2008. Web. http://arxiv.org/pdf/0808.1196v1 • Reviglio, Pietro M., and David J. Helfand. "Active Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey I: The Spectroscopically Unremarkable Population of the Local Universe." (2008): n. pag. Astronomy Department. Astronomy Department, Columbia University, 2008. Web. http://arxiv.org/pdf/0902.1766v1 • Richmond, Michael. "Spectrographs and Spectra." Spectrographs and Spectra. N.p., n.d. Web. http://spiff.rit.edu/classes/phys301/lectures/spectra/spectra.html • Rosoni, Stefano. "Proposal of a spectroscopic map of astronomical sites." Memorie della Societa Astronomia Italianap.235 71 (1997): 235-38. Circolo Astronomico Dorico. Paolo Andrenelli, 1997. Web. http://articles.adsabs.harvard.edu/full/2000MmSAI..71..235R • Smith, Gene. "Stellar Spectra." Center for Astrophysics & Space Sciences, UCSD. N.p., 16 Apr. 1999. Web. <http://cass.ucsd.edu/public/tutorial/Stars.html>.

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