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About the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities

About the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities. Glynda Bathan Policy & Partnership Manager CAI-Asia Center. January 2010. The problem. The problem. Air Pollutants. N2O. CH4. SF6. CO2. HFC. PFC. Co-benefits: GHGs and Air Pollutants Reduction. GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE.

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About the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities

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  1. About the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Glynda Bathan Policy & Partnership Manager CAI-Asia Center January 2010

  2. The problem

  3. The problem

  4. Air Pollutants N2O CH4 SF6 CO2 HFC PFC Co-benefits: GHGs and Air Pollutants Reduction GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE GLOBAL AIR POLLUTION REGIONAL AIR POLLUTION URBAN AIR POLLUTION Greenhouse gases covered by Kyoto Protocol Ozone Black Carbon

  5. CAI-Asia The Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities promotes reductions in air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions from transport, energy and other sectors through translating knowledge to policy and action CAI-Asiabegan as a multi-stakeholder initiative by ADB, World Bank and USAID The CAI-Asia Center was incorporated in 2007 as a non-stock, non-profit corporation in the Philippines The CAI-Asia Partnership has 170 organizational members and 8 Country Networks in Asia

  6. CAI-Asia structure

  7. Our Strategy Scaling up: number of cities 2500 Knowledge & capacity Action Policies 250 One sector Multi-sector Urban Planning Air Pollution Co-benefits Sustainability 25 Scaling out: within cities 7

  8. CLEAN AIR • Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas Emissions • BAQ conference • Clean Air Portal including CitiesACT database (GAPF, ADB) • Communities of Practice (ADB) • Clean Air Scorecard (ADB) • Air quality & GHG plans and policies (GTZ, UNEP) • Co-benefits of air quality and climate change (IGES, ADB) • Clean air and mega-events (FTI Fdn, WB) • Network of City Network (CDIA) • Governmental Meetings on Urban AQM (UNEP) • Dialogues with cities, donors, private sector • TRANSPORT • GHG and AP indicators for transport (WB) • CO2 methodologies for transport (ADB, ITDP) • EST framework development (ADB/UNCRD) • GHG projections and policies for reduction (ITPS) • Fuel quality, vehicle emissions and fuel economy standards (PCFV, FIA Foundation) • Green trucks pilot project & program development (WB, US-EPA) • Walkability surveys (ADB) • Clean Fleet Management Toolkit (PCFV) • SUMA framework for cities • INDUSTRY & ENERGY • GHG & AP indicators for energy sector (WB) • GHG inventory for energy sector in Philippines (UNDP/MO) • GHG & AP accounting and training for companies (private sector) • OTHER • Waste mgmt – Open burning 8

  9. Clean Air Portal Users can browse site by several categories (e.g. Topics) Registered users can add content to the Knowledgebase News feeds 9

  10. CitiesACT database - Air quality, Climate & energy, Transport People Case studies www.citiesact.org Countries & Cities Policies Organizations Projects & Programs Training Courses Technologies ??? News feed Specific topics 10

  11. Clean Air Scorecard • Objective: assess current management or air pollution and GHG emissions to improve policies and actions • Air Pollution and Health Index – rating air pollution levels of cities against WHO guideline values and interim targets • Capacity Index – rating a city’s capacity to determine sources, levels and impacts and capacity to address air pollution and GHG emissions • Policies and Actions Index – rating the presence and enforcement of policies and actions to address emissions from relevant sources (mobile, stationary, area and trans-boundary) AP and Health Index Capacity Index Policies and Actions Index Overall Clean Air Scorecard + + =

  12. Fuel quality, vehicle emissions, fuel economy standards • Road Map for Cleaner Fuels and Vehicles in Asia (2008) • Develop work plans for introducing more stringent fuel quality and vehicle emissions standards in Asian countries Auto industry Oil industry Workshop Action Plan for Clean Fuels & Vehicles Government NGOs Others

  13. Walkability surveys • Walkability surveys assess the quality of pedestrian infrastructure and supporting policies: • Field Walkability Survey: state of the pedestrian facilities • Pedestrian Interview Survey: pedestrian needs and preferences • Government/Stakeholder Survey: the policies, roles and responsibilities of government and stakeholders • Results survey in Karachi, Pakistan • Field walkability survey: Karachi Road best infrastructure • Pedestrian interview survey: greater demand for walking on Tariq Road Source: Assessing Walkability in Karachi. Arif Parvez in cooperation with CAI-Asia Center (2009). www.thenews.com.pk/daily_detail.asp?id=198801

  14. Clean Fleet Management Toolkit Developed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and TNT in 2006. Field tested by TNT Turkey and humanitarian aid fleets The toolkit contains a number of tools that help fleet managers to evaluate the impacts of their fleets on the environment and human health, and with minimal information and inputs, develop practical strategies and scenarios for corrective and cost-effective action Activities in Asia: • Asia launch at BAQ 2008 • Training in Philippines • Case studies with Philippines companies

  15. Green Freight China • Pilot project in Guangzhou: 2-18% fuel savings from tire and aerodynamics technology packages • Study tour to USA • Green Freight program for Guangdong Province & China • Technologies & logistics • Financing • Green Freight Partnership (shippers, carriers, suppliers, government, NGOs, other) • Information, training, marketing

  16. Scaling up to 2,500 cities:Network of City Networks • CAI-Asia Center • Cities Development Initiative for Asia • CITYNET • Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative • Global City Indicators Facility • International Centre for Sustainable Cities • Kitakyushu Initiative • United Cities and Local Governments

  17. CAI-Asia Center www.cleanairnet.org/caiasia www.citiesact.org Sophie Punte Sophie.punte@cai-asia.org GlyndaBathan glynda.bathan@cai-asia.org Bert Fabian Bert.fabian@cai-asia.org Unit 3510, 35th floor Robinsons-Equitable Tower ADB Avenue, Pasig City Metro Manila 1605 Philippines

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