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schedule handouts breaks mobile phones

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schedule handouts breaks mobile phones - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Charts, Dice, Cards, Dots… Dominoes and Polyspots Chester County IU Health and PE In-Service November 6, 2012 Jeff Jacobs, Methacton School District. schedule handouts breaks mobile phones. Objectives:.

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Charts, Dice, Cards, Dots…Dominoes and PolyspotsChester County IU Health and PE In-ServiceNovember 6, 2012Jeff Jacobs, Methacton School District



Participants will learn activities that can immediately be use in their Physical Education classes.

Participants will adapt these activities in a way that works for them and their students.

please ask questions
Please ask questions

“Asking questions is a

sign of intelligent



- Used as warm-ups- Used as the main lesson- Different combinations that can be used for the main lesson- Some activities naturally flow from one to another- The variations are endless

parent notes
Parent Notes

Excuses from PE class:

“………I gave her a hole asburn………”

“Please excuse _________ from running in gym because she smokes.”

“_________ bumped his head yesterday. Please excuse him from any activities that include punching or hitting.”


Please get involved in your professional organizations and be an advocate for Health and Physical Education every chance you get!


Thank you for attending!

Please feel free to contact me anytime:Jeff Jacobs – jjacobs@methacton.orgThe activities from this presentation are downloadable on my Professional Website atwww.tinyurl/JeffJacobsHPE