women in ww2 n.
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Women in WW2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Women in WW2

Women in WW2

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Women in WW2

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  1. Women in WW2

  2. Changing roles of women • Women changed the war changed the shape of WW2 • Previously during WW1 women did serve on the home front and within the nursing section of the army • However once the first world war finished so to did the role women played in society

  3. Changing roles of women • Before the war it was the man’s job to be the provider. • It was seen that if a women was working she was taking work away from the men. • At first the government were against women who wanted to do some kind of military service. • However as the war dragged on, it was evident that the war was going to demand much more.

  4. Women at war • Each branch of the military formed their own auxiliary corps to free up men for service. • At first the government were adimant at not allowing women to serve overseas during WW2 however as the situation became more desperate the stance was changed. • Allowing some women to serve overseas, particularly • New Guinea

  5. Women at war • During the war on the home front women were doing jobs previously thought to be to too physically hard for them. • Welding • Machine repair • Operating tractors • Made uniforms • Ammunition • Weapons • Helped build trucks, tanks and airplanes

  6. Women at war • Women were also involved in agricultural jobs • This transformed into the Australian women's land army • These women were essential in keeping the food coming to civilians in Australia • Many men thought they were incapable of performing these tasks • “The suggestion to form an army of women to do the hard work of farms is ridiculous. Our women are wonderful, but is it fair to ask them to shear or crutch sheep, to plough the land?” The Argus 1941

  7. Women at war • At the outbreak of the war, similar to the first world war women did voluntary work. • Knitting • Balaclavas • Gloves • Jumpers • Socks • They organised entertainment for the soldiers. • When Japan entered the war women became increasingly involved.

  8. Women at War • By the end of the war women had become an integral part of the entire effort. • Women had played an important role in winning the war. • The organisations that women worked in are as follows.

  9. Women at war • Australian Women's Land army • Australian Army Nursing service • Voluntary aid detachment • Royal Australian Naval nursing service • Australian women's army service • Women’s auxiliary air force, naval and army

  10. Activity • Research task • You must research the branches mentioned in the previous slide. • Once you have done this you must answer the following • When was the organisation formed • Explain the main aim of the organisation • Statistics • Describe the impact the organisation on the war