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Sir of Century. Winston Churchill Diaries--the Documents of WORLD WAR II; A Modern Theme in Arts, Literature, Music and Film Producing Industry Nowadays. “I’m ready to meet my God. Could God stand a meeting with me ? – is another question.”

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sir of century

Sir of Century

  • Winston Churchill Diaries--the Documents of WORLD WAR II;
  • A Modern Theme in Arts, Literature, Music and
  • Film Producing Industry Nowadays.
  • “I’m ready to meet my God.
  • Could God stand a meeting with me ? – is another question.”
    • [ Winston Churchill ]


At Yalta conference in February 1945

Mr. Stalin suggested to have a drink to

Sir Winston Churchill and in honour of him, as:

“a human being , who’s to be born once in a century and the most courageous statesman of the world.”

Winston Churchill

- ‘In war – firmness of purpose.

In defeat – disobedience.

In victory – generosity.

In piece – good will.’

  • ‘ I’ve cleared out, that I’m able to make my working day longer, after taking an hour of midday sleep.’
  • ‘I’ve got from alcohol much more, than alcohol from me.’
  • ‘Lonely trees could grow strong if not perished.’
  • The animals are strange.

The dogs look up on you.

The cats look down on you.

Only a swine is equal in its’ look.’

The Quotes

Churchill had a good sense of humour and wrote about serious things with irony.
  • His vitality was so great, that he felt quite well without keeping himself to a diet, or any other tricks of that sort. He drank, smoked, had meals and enjoyed a life that way as much as wanted.
  • Churchill liked painting and draw himself. He thought about it as of a pleasure. He even promised to himself to spend his first million years at heaven, just drawing.
  • Churchill liked poetry, knew Ahmatova lyrics. First, he became popular as a journalist. He wrote novels and memoirs. Otherwise he was a good reader and knew a lot of books in details. He was really interested in science fiction and fantasy.
winston churchill and his daughter mary 1925
Winston Churchill and his daughter Mary. 1925
  • Churchill seemed to be a very sensitive man. In 1940, in one of the districts of London, after a bombardment, he saw a queue and wanted to know what was it for.
  • A little later he’s got an answer: “…. for thebirds’ feed”.
  • Churchill started to cry ……
winston churchill with his family 1964
Winston Churchill with his family. 1964
  • ‘ How does a family start?

It starts from a young man falling in lovewith a girl. There is no better alternative.’

[ Winston Churchill ]

dover 1946
Dover. 1946
  • Churchill liked fashion and liked to be in fashion all his life long. He did a lot to support to his own image. He was 65 when he became Prime Minister. This happened in May 1940. But he didn’t look old. Churchill always wanted to look well and a passion for it helped to him. Prime Minister liked to wear a club suit and a military uniform. Even an unfired cigar was usually at a mouth.
sir winston churchill a well known victory gesture
Sir Winston Churchill. A well-known Victory gesture.

‘British’ll never be slaves.’

“We’ll fight everywhere: in seas and oceans, in the air, on the beaches and hills, in the fields and streets. We’ll stand for our island. We’ll never surrender.”
In June 22, 1941 Churchill declared about solidarity with the people of our land. He didn’t sympathize with the Soviet leader’s ideology.
cartoons from english newspapers
Cartoons from English newspapers.

Reading the diaries it’s also possible to come across very private and interesting thoughts about the

USSR – ‘….an enemy land to civilized freedom….’

In early 90-s was published a short translation of Churchill’s diaries. It was done in memory of THE GREAT WAR by the so-called ‘thick’

(a nickname) magazines:

‘A Foreign Literature’, ‘A Word’in Russia.

I’d like to present a few daily records of events and thoughts made by Sir Winston Churchill in August 1942. It could be entitled as

“Moscow. The First Meeting.”


Churchill was keeping a diary during the years of war and not only. Later these notes, telegrams and his reminiscences were used by him for writing the memoirs and few volumes of ‘World War II’. In 1953 Churchill was awarded by Nobel Foundation for the outstanding achievements in literature..

churchill roosevelt stalin teheran 1943 a photo from t a s u archives
Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin. TEHERAN, 1943.A photo from T.A.S.U.’ archives.

August 4, 1942 (a telegram)

Prime Minister – to premier Stalin

…..“We plan to leave the place for to come to Moscow next day with a stay in Teheran.”

“The details are to be partly worked out by the representatives of English Air Force authorities…. .”

“I’d like the Americans to participate in

negotiations to come.”

Churchill came to Moscow with Harriman.

August 5, 1942

President Roosevelt – to a former navy service man (Cairo)

“I’ve asked Harriman to leave for Moscow as soon as possible.”

“I want to inform you and Stalin, that

Harriman’ll be of a help to you both.”

They startedon the way to Moscow in the

evening of August 10.

Then there was a stop in Teheran and they

continued on August the 12th.

Churchill got and saved a note written by Stalin with an opinion on a possibility of the second front concentration in 1942.

He also prepared an answer in a written form to premier Stalin.

August 15, 1942
  • Two meetings with Stalin, where Churchill felt hurt.
  • Later in the evening Stalin invited his guest to his flat in the Kremlin, showed it and they had an evening meal with a good drink. Then Molotov joined them. Churchill liked Stalin’s daughter, but she didn’t take part in the dinner.
  • Churchill understood, that at a Russian dinner it’s possible to speak about everything through humour….
August 16, 1942 ( a telegrame ) –Teheran

Prime Minister – to premier Stalin.

“ I was glad to visit Moscow.”

“ It was my duty to tell to you about everything. I

do hope, that our contact could be very useful

in our mutual deeds…. .”

winston churchill prime minister for the second term
Winston Churchill.Prime Minister for the second term.

Politics without intrigues.

As a politician he wasn’t cruel and didn’t like cruelty. He even didn’t want to try to hurt a person in opposition to his viewing. And his generosity helped him from their hate. From time to time he suffered with the mood changes but neither these, not an anger didn’t power him.

In the whole world he is known as a man who’d stopped two dictators.

monument to winston churchill near the houses of parliament
Monument to Winston Churchill near the Houses of Parliament.

In London near the Houses of Parliament there is a monument to Sir Winston Churchill.

A good monument: simple and realistic, of a man walking forward.

“… was strong because of his imagination, experience andgenerosity.”

There is one very interesting book which is entitled as ‘Mission in Brittany’. It guides us in the world of literature devoted to and about II World War.

The book is devoted to people who fought against fascism.

... plus the good funny stories about war.

With Whom Are We At War

In the early days of the Second World War the

officer in charge of a British post in the heart of Africa received a cable from his headquarters in London: “ war declared stop arrest all enemies in your district.”

A few days later the headquarters received the following cable report: “have arrested seven Germans, three Belgians, four Americans, five Frenchmen, two Spaniards, one Swede, one Austrian stop inform with whom we are at war.”




“TEHERAN – 43”

a joint film of USSR, France and Switzerland produced in 1980 and shown in early 1981.

Inspector Fosh ( Alain Delon )

Marie (Nataliya Belohvostikova)


<“Sun Valley Serenade”> musical movie (1940)


<“December is Like May for Me”>

<“Moon Valley”>

<“In the Mood”>




Allegro non troppo

A memorial to an heroic era