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Autobiography Assignment

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Autobiography Assignment. Mrs. Keithley. MISSION #1: Get to know your teammates. Autobiography assignment: Paragraph #1: Give us your pertinent stats Paragraphs #2-4: Three stories about yourself and one is to be a lie, BUT do not reveal which story is false.

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mission 1 get to know your teammates

MISSION #1: Get to know your teammates.

Autobiography assignment:

Paragraph #1: Give us your pertinent stats

Paragraphs #2-4: Three stories about yourself and one is to be a lie, BUT do not reveal which story is false.

On a separate piece of paper, write a one sentence summary of each story (one being a lie).

ex paragraph 1

Ex: paragraph 1

Clearly, I am your teacher, Mrs. Keithley. Most know or are aware of my husband, Coach Keithley, and a few of our children: Tiffany, 19; Ben, 7; Caedmon, 6; and Eleanor, 3. No, I did not have Tiffany when I was 14. We became foster parents about three years ago, and she has lived with us most of that time. I grew up in Cajun Country, south Louisiana, attended Ouachita Baptist on a swimming scholarship, where I met my husband through my roommate of two years who is from Camden and an HG grad. Arkansas has been home ever since. I did not pick teaching but sort of fell into it when I needed a job after finishing graduate school. Since then, I’ve come to love many aspects of this job, but it is just that – a job – and carries with it many aspects that every job does, but at the end of the day, I enjoy being a part of your life, sharing our good days and our bad days of each school year, and seeing you graduate. I run to stay sane, enjoy activities of any sort, and would always rather be playing badly in the game than sitting the bench and winning.

paragraph 2 is this a lie

At the high school I attended, similar to the size of Harmony Grove, I was in a backpacking program called Rangers. Through this program, I have taken overnight trips in north Louisiana and Arkansas, and at the end of each year, we would take a weeklong trip: backpacking for four-five days and then white water rafting on the nearest river. Because I this, I have travelled to Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina and Virginia where we hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail. This was definitely one of the highlights of my high school life.

Paragraph 2: Is this a lie?
paragraph 3 is this a lie

I once broke my nose while wrestling calves at a summer camp that I worked at while in college. Officially, I was on staff as a cook at Pine Cove Crier Creek, outside of Houston, but like I said, I’m game for most anything, as long as I don’t sit out. So, I thought I would try bulldoggin’ at our weekly rodeo night and did so successfully for several weeks. However, as the calves got bigger and began to resist such things, one got away and clipped the bridge of my nose.

Paragraph 3: Is this a lie?
paragraph 4 is this a lie

When my older brother turned 18 and my dad 46 within one day of each other, they decided to go skydiving together. Because I thought that sounded like a great idea, I asked if I get in on the action. They agreed, and we drove to Jeanerette, Louisiana for the adventure. My mom, other brother, and sister were all there to watch. It was one of the most terrifying, exhilarating, unforgettable experiences of my entire life.

Paragraph #4: Is this a lie?
separate paper example

I participated in Rangers throughout high school .

  • I secretly want to be a rapper.
  • I went skydiving with my dad and brother.

Which of these is a lie?

Separate paper example: