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  1. * Points for tarea T) Wksheet No clase No clase  *Tarea Due *Time Review T) Wksheet No clase 

  2. ¡Hola! Me llamo Laura Collins. I am your child’s Spanish Teacher! I tried to make your child’s 1st day of Spanish Class meaningful, and I will try to do the same with our brief time together tonight!

  3. *I am an 11 ½ year Lockport resident, married to Señor Patrick Collins. *I am Mom to a 3rd Grader at Butler, a 7th Grader here ta HJH and a Freshmen at LTHS who graduated from here last year! *This is my 1st Year at HJH! *I taught Spanish in the Joliet high schools until 2000. *I then tutored high school students while my children were young. *I spent the past 9 years doing mild translation work and developing a volunteer art curriculum at one of our feeder schools, WJ Butler. I enjoyed presenting and teaching countless art lessons there. *Now here I am! I could not be happier.

  4. The Basics! Your child is in Spanish class every other day, on either a “Green Day” or a “Gold Day”. Señorita Clayton and I articulate solidly with LTHS so that our 7th and 8th grade program successfully prepares students for Spanish 2 in high school. To ensure a smooth transition, we cover the same material as the LTHS Spanish 1 students: *Exprésate Textbook: 7th Grade Chapters 1-4 & 8th Grade Review plus Chapters 5-7 Students who successfully complete 8th Grade Spanish are recommended to LTHS Spanish 2. *Providence attendees take a placement test for which we have guidelines.

  5. Life in Spanish Class: • We present material in class, practice it in class and via homework, and then quiz or test • to assess success. • All of our details are in the Parent Letter which your child (hopefully!) gave to you. • Your child is required to record Spanish homework assignments in his/her Assignment notebook, and s/he has been shown how to access my webpage. • Your child’s binder is KEY – much more so than the textbook. It contains sections for Warm-Up and Scratch Paper work, Vocab Lists, Notes, Work, and Quizzes/Tests.

  6. Please know that my goal is for EVERY student to • ENJOY and ACHIEVE in Spanish Class this year! • The packet you picked up high-lights… • COMMUNICATION: call/email me… students, too! • EMAIL distribution list • WEBSITE PERKS (Let’s take a peek…) • “remind” APP • STUDY TOOLS: Quizlet (and more coming) • A BIT of extra credit • EXTRA HELP

  7. I hope that your children will benefit not only linguistically by studying a 2nd Language, but also culturally. After all, we are all living together in a place called WORLD!