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Endangered Species

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Endangered Species - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Endangered Species. By Jamie, Jessie, Julie, and Trisha. Endangered Species:. Species are under threat of extinction. Around the World. -populated areas -polluted areas -weather affects All, heavily affect the endangerment of animals. Two Direct Causes of Endangered Species:

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endangered species

Endangered Species

By Jamie, Jessie, Julie, and Trisha

endangered species1
Endangered Species:

Species are

under threat of extinction.

around the world
Around the World

-populated areas

-polluted areas

-weather affects

All, heavily affect the endangerment of animals.

TwoDirect Causes of Endangered Species:
  • Habitat loss, fragmentation, or degradation

2) Accidental or deliberate introduction of non-native species into eco systems

Causes of Species Decline:
  • Hunting and collecting
    • Species may be harmed because of poor control over rate of hunters. Some species are hunted because of where they reside and others for certain resources they provide.
  • Habitat destruction
    • Animals may lose their homes for the need of agriculture or the need for urban development.
  • Introduced exotic species
    • Some common animals feed on endangered species and introduced animals eat other endangered species.
  • Pollution
    • Toxic substances are released through urban development and can harm animals directly or through food chains.
possible outcomes
A dramatic turn for the worse in the eco- system in a certain environment because of the increase or decrease of a certain species.

A dramatic change in animal predator-prey relationships since populations are being destroyed and their will not be enough to go around

Possible Outcomes

If we take a whole species out of an eco-system, other species that depend on that species for food or are depended on by that species for food will increase or decrease accordingly.

say there are no panda bears left
Say there are no panda bears left..
  • The amount of bamboo in the wild will increase because panda’s are no longer eating it.
  • Species that depend on the bamboo for food or habitat will suddenly increase in numbers.
how can you help
How can YOU help?
  • Not purchasing any clothing or pelts made of animal skins/hides
  • Not cutting down bamboo or using it to decorate your landscape
  • Protest hunting
  • Be an active member of animal rights
  • Support efforts to keep forests!
  • No affect on water cycle
  • For carbon cycle, lacking presence of a specific species either contributes to the overgrowth of animal or plant species that would have been eaten by the now gone population or absence is the cause of death in that plant population because without the carbon dioxide produced by the species, the plant doesn’t have carbon dioxide to produce energy with.
  • If species are removed completely from the environment, we are losing parts of our ecosystem including the nutrients inside of them, which as a result will not be able to be used in the environment, and other species will not be able to benefit from them as they normally would if that species was present.

"To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being. I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body." Mohandas Gandhi

“Each species on our planet plays a role in the healthy functioning of natural ecosystems, on which humans depend.”William H. Schlesinger

“We share this planet with many species. It is our responsibility to protect them, both for their sakes and our own.”Pamela A. Matson

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVs5_nbdxVo (BARAK OBAMA)
  • http://www.endangeredtv.com/ (WEBSITE)
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(current events)

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