the key to become successful by outbound telemarketing n.
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The Key to Become Successful by Outbound Telemarketing PowerPoint Presentation
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The Key to Become Successful by Outbound Telemarketing

The Key to Become Successful by Outbound Telemarketing

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The Key to Become Successful by Outbound Telemarketing

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  1. The Key to Become Successful by Outbound Telemarketing Submitted By : TGMarketing USA

  2. Cold calling and outbound telemarketing can be pretty terrifying and pressuring. The mere thought that you are not certain if the next person you will dial and talk with will feel excited or annoyed about your offer is extremely intimidating, specially if you are sitting alone with that long list of names and phone numbers of your leads on your sweating palms.

  3. Aside from an irresistible offer, you should also practice your pitch, tailor your message to suit the kind of potential clients you have, as well as develop your speaking and phone skills. Here are some tips that a well performing outbound call center uses to increase their outbound phone sales.

  4. Learning about your lead • Before you start dialing, you should first learn some essential information about your target customers like their fears, needs, hopes and desires. You also have to prepare some potential roadblocks that may influence your clients' decision making. If you are well prepared, you can easily find solutions in case you run into problems or issues while speaking with your clients. The more you are prepared, the more chances that you can close the deal.

  5. Like for instance if you are calling in behalf of a mortgage loan company, you should be able to know the possible fears that your customers may have like the fear of losing their house in the future. In this case, you can catch their attention by assuring them that they will never lose their house by offering them the lowest rate. You can as well offer some more points and be sure to let your clients know how much they can save.

  6. Introduce yourself • The key to successful outbound telemarketing is to never sound like a telemarketer. Introduce yourself in a polite and warm manner as soon as you are sure that the one you are talking to is the right person. Do not just state your name and go directly to your offer. Instead, explain to your leads who you are and how you get their information. For instance: " Hello Mr. Y, I am Kenneth White from KW Auto Insurance Company. You were referred to us by your business insurance company and they told us that you might be interested in getting an insurance policy for your new auto... so on and so forth". If you got your clients' information from somewhere else, say so.

  7. Let your clients talk • To make your outbound telemarketing more successful, you should also hear from your clients by allowing them to talk and learning more about their specific needs. You can ask casual questions like how can you help them with their biggest concern about Y, what can help them make their life easier, or what are their special needs regarding Y. The information you will get from their answers can help you in putting together your offer.

  8. Watch your tone • When talking with your leads over the phone, be sure to always watch your tone to avoid sending wrong signals. Be truthful, relatable, warm, friendly, and polite. Maintain a low and relaxed tone even if you are lossing your temper. No one would want to talk with a telemarketer that is overly hyper and intimidating.

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