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Easy tips for tight B2B budget startup company PowerPoint Presentation
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Easy tips for tight B2B budget startup company

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Easy tips for tight B2B budget startup company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Easy tips for tight B2B budget startup company

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  1. TG Marketing USA Easy tips for tight B2B budget startup company

  2. Today marketing is more of an investment rather than an expense when it comes to simple start-ups. Marketing is the must-have strategic tool for small business to increase sales, not a nice-to-have fill when you can afford it. • Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell and this is the most important thing to consider if you are a start-up company. The future of marketing is leadership and pro-activeness. So here are some great marketing tips for startups business.

  3. Market Research Marketing research is creating new knowledge. It cannot tell you where exactly to go but it helps in reducing the risk in how to get to your desired place just like motorway lights. For a start-up, each and every little thing counts and one of the strongest tools to gain a competitive advantage is through market research. It will never be possible for anyone to know the new trends, new competitors coming all the time. It’s like no one has ever had a true pulse on their market and one cannot deny the fact that changes are not constant. However, it would be really foolish to go into a marketing campaign blind? And this is not something that can be afforded at any cost. You need to understand what your customer want before they know what they want and this can be done only by thorough research. And, if you do not have any resource for this and it looks as a big expenditure, you can always hire a third party company for your research. They will gather positive results providing value for your money and even be affordable.

  4. Lead Generation • Lead generation is a core activity to marketing. When it comes to lead generation, many companies make a promise but if they want to keep the customer, they have to keep their promise after all lead means money. If you are a start-up business you should prefer outsourcing the lead generation tasks. This is because of the advantages that follow when lead generation is outsourced. The third party company provides warm leads that meet the exact qualifications set forth thus helping the sales team to get started without wasting time on searching for possible prospects.

  5. Direct Marketing and Follow-up • Word of mouth is the best medium of all and therefore nothing can beat the direct marketing. Today direct marketing can be done in two major forms – traditional mail and email blast campaign. However, one cannot deny the fact that there is no correct or authorized procedure for marketing that is sure to get 100% results. If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking at all. You don’t need to be afraid of getting creative and experimenting. Remember a sign up is always an intent of buying so you have to go an extra mile to see that the prospective leads become your customer and email campaign are the perfect way to do it. You can always start with a welcome email and then run full on promotional campaigns and even special offer mailers can be sent. Also, one more thing to remember if your prospect lead shows even a little interest, you need to take the lead and follow up. After all a good follow up is half sales done.