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Texila American University - Doctor of Medicine PowerPoint Presentation
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Texila American University - Doctor of Medicine

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Texila American University - Doctor of Medicine
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Texila American University - Doctor of Medicine

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  1. TEXILA TexilaAmerican University CollegeofMedicine

  2. ABOUT TEXILA AMERICANUNIVERSITY Texila American University (TAU) is located in the beautiful rain forest country – Guyana (British Guyana),theonlycountrywhichhastheprivilegeofbeingapartofSouthAmericanNationsand alsoCaribbeanNations,popularlyreferredas“TheWestIndies”.TAUoffersprogramsinMedicine & Nursing in its Campus in Guyana. TAU is designed with a high level professionalism, exactness and problem solving skills, upon which thefoundations of specialist training and an independent medicalpracticeisbuild. TAU ON-CAMPUSPROGRAM TAU is a rapidly growing University in the Caribbean where students from 50+ different Nationalitieslearn,live and cherish their dream of becoming a doctor or nurse. TAU is structured after the best US and Caribbean Medical School. The academicprogramisbothacceleratedand rigorous, with a focusonpreparing studentsforlicensureintheUnitedStates, Caribbean & various Asian and African Countries. Affiliations andMemberships • R e g i s t e r e d w i t h N a t i o n a l AccreditationcouncilofGuyana(NAC) (which is Governed by Ministry of Education) • Listed in World Health Organization (WHO)Handbook • TAUis an approved Memberof International Association forDistance Learning, United Kingdom(IADL) • Listed in International Medical Education Directory(IMED) • Member of International Association forDentalResearch(IADR) • Member of Global Alliance for MedicalEducation(GAME) • Member of International Association for Medical Education(AMEE) • Our Clinical research program has received accreditation from Swiss Association ofPharmaceutical Professionals(SwAPP) • TAUis an approved Institutional member of International Council for OpenandDistanceEducation(ICDE) • MemberofAssociationof Commonwealth Universities (ACU), headquarteredinUK

  3. College ofMedicine TAU renders you the high quality education in a stress-free environment and fully dedicated facultieswithaseriouslytalenteddiversecommunitybehindyou.Fromadmissiontograduation, TAU is committed to provide the best in class education to the students and prepare them for different competitive examinations like USMLE that would make them eligible for the residency programs in the US. In the On-campus Doctor of Medicine program, the academic curriculum is strictly based on the ethical perspectives that would enhance the Doctor Patient Relationships therebystandardizingthepracticeofmedicine ProgramsOffered Doctor of Medicine -5.5 years(BS-MD) Texila American University renders a highly focused Doctor of Medicine program for thestudents who have completed their 12 years of schooling . Developed in consultation with the doctors, healthcare professionals, students and leaders in the research sectors, the Doctor of Medicine programs are developed to meet the current and future need of the students, patients and the changinghealthcaresector. TAU's approach to College of Medicine provides students with an opportunity to learn in someof the best and known hospitals in the world. During the clinical rotations, we pinpoint the responsibility, ability and tenderness as crucial facets in the development of professional excellence. • Three Phases of theProgram • Premedical(first18months), • Preclinical(2years) • Clinical(last2years) In the US track – Premedical and Preclinicalin Guyana & Clinical can be pursued in the USA hospitals StudentscaneitheroptfortheNormaltrackor theUStrackInNormaltrack–thePremedical, PreclinicalandClinicalarecompletelypursued inGuyanaonly Eligibility to Enroll for Premedical 12 years of schooling high schoolcertification Doctor of Medicine – 4years TexilaAmericanUniversityoffersthebest-in-classDoctorofMedicineprogramsforthegraduates at affordable costs. This is a four year professional medical degree highly focused and rigorous training program that provides a fresh approach in the field of medicine and is concentrated for thoseindividualswhoaredeterminedtobecomethegreatleadersintheprofession. The Doctor of Medicine program renders various opportunities for the graduates todifferentiate themselvesintheirfuturemedicalcareerthroughaninnovativecurriculumwiththebest-in-class facultywithintheUniversityandaffiliatedhospitalsforclinicalrotations.

  4. Two Phases of theProgram • Preclinical(first2years) • Clinical(last2years) Eligibility Bachelor's Degree / Associate Degree / DiplomainanyrelevantSciencearea(like AlliedHealthScience,LifeScience,etc). StudentscaneitheroptforNormaltrackorthe UStrackInNormaltrack-Preclinical&Clinical arecompletelypursuedinGuyanaonly In the US track - Preclinical is in Guyana and ClinicalcanbepursuedintheUSHospitals Internship Internship is after the completion of the medical program. Internship can be done in Home country too after completion of Local licensing exams if any. Students wishing to do in Guyana candosoafterfulfillingrequirementsofLocalMedicalCouncil. Concordia New York – AmericanMD “Become a Doctor in 6 years” Students can spend 2 years in the capital of the world – New York,USA.ConcordiaCollege–NewYorkhistoric campus.TexilaAmericanUniversityhassigneda MOU with heritage old Concordia College, New York during September 2013. According to this agreement Concordia and TAU will come together to offer a Highly Focused Pre medical program in Concordia Campus. Year 1 & 2 the student will study for the Associate degree in ScienceatConcordiaCollege–NewYork.The3rd and the 4th year student will study for the pre clinical part of Doctor of Medicine Program at Texila American University, Guyana. 5th and the 6thyearThestudentwilldotheirclinicalrotations in different locations in USA (Chicago, WashingtonDC,Atlantaandmanyotherstates. • Eligibility • StudentswhohavecompletedAlevelswithSciencesubject • StudentswhohavecompletedHighSchoolwithScienceBackground.

  5. Infrastructure • Texila is committed to provide their students a quality learning environment and help develop critical thinking and handle challenging situations creatively. The campus has got spacious classrooms,equippedwithvariousresourcesincludingmarkerboardsandmultimediaprojectors forinstruction. • Theuniversityisfacilitatedwithallthefollowingfullyequippedlabsforstudenttogetpracticalbasedtraining • AnatomyLab&Museum • Biochemistry, Chemistry & Geneticslab. • Microbiology &Biology • Histology & PathologyLab • Pharmacology &Physiology • Physics • Computerlab • Library. • Hostel &Safety • ItiscompulsoryforstudentstostayinHostelsprovidedbyUniversityfor6monthsminimum.All hostel and campus are well secured with security services and CCTV. All hostels have WI-FI Access. • Advantages • Well equipped laboratories for pre clinical studies affiliated with GPHC, a 600 beddedteachinghospitalinGeorgetown. • TAUoffersmorenumberofpracticalandlabbasededucationsystemtoitsstudents toprovideastrongfoundationforunderstandingthecoresubjects. • Communityclinicalexperiencesprovidedthroughtheoutreachprograms. • OptionstodothecompleteclinicalrotationsinUSA(80weeks) • ForthosewhocannotaffordtocompleteclinicaltraininginUSAtheycaneithergoin forelectiveortakeupExtemship&Preresidencytrainingwhichisofferedwithover topattendingphysiciansinvariouscitiesofUSA. • Attractive additional options to do complete clinical rotations in Asian locations like china,PhilippinesandelectiverotationsinIndia.

  6. TEXILA Campus Texila AmericanUniversity Critchlow, Woolford Avenue, Georgetown, Guyana, SouthAmerica. Telephone: (+592) 2318118 / (+592)2318111 Fax: (+592)2318111 E-mail:info@tauedu.org North American - AdmissionOffice India - AdmissionOffice Texila Education Management Services 517 US Highway 1 South Suite 1190, Iselin New Jersey08830, Toll Free Number : + 1 866 7800079 Fax 1 855 5281230 Texila American University - AdmissionOffice, C/o- SAKSHI Education Consulting &Training (P) Limited, #34/1, K.S.ArunachalamRoad, K.K.Pudur,Coimbatore-641038, Tamil Nadu,India. Telephone : (+91)0422-4559900 Fax No :(+91)-422-4559914 Sharjah - Admission Office RegisteredOffice TAU Global ConsultingServices C/O. India Trade & Exhibition Centrem.e Office No. 203 P.O. Box 66301, Sharjah, United ArabEmirates. Phone: +97165939568 HONG KONG -Office Unit 2509 25/F, Ho King CommCTR, 2-16 FA Yuen St KL, Hongkong. www.tauedu.org