Smart cities from an ict perspective
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Smart cities from an ict perspective. Ingvar Hektor Region sub-Saharan Africa. Trends INFLUENCING CITIES. EVERYTHING CONNECTED. URBANIZATION. SUSTAINABILITY. On the Brink of the networked society. THINGS. 50 B. PEOPLE. 5.0 B. ~0.5 B. PLACES. Billion. 50. 5. 1.

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Smart cities from an ict perspective

Smart cities from an ict perspective

Ingvar Hektor

Region sub-Saharan Africa

Trends influencing cities




On the brink of the networked society
On the Brink of the networked society


50 B


5.0 B

~0.5 B






1875 1900 1925 1950 1975 2000 2025

Connectivity drives a new kind of creativity
Connectivity drives a New kind of creativity



By and for the few

The genius

The masterpiece

The pen & pencil

The given moment

The studio & the lab

The monologue

By and for all

The community

The mosaic of small ideas

The computer & mobile & pen & pencil

The continuous torrent


The dialogue

Innovations move from green to smart

Smart Energy

Smart Buildings

Smart Mobility

Innovations move From ”green” to ”smart”

Smart is not only about adding technology, but about utilizing technology to achieve a sustainable future

Networked society an african perspective
Networked SocietyAN African Perspective


Cities transformed in the networked society


to drive the Innovation

Smart Cities

to meet your Challenges

Cities transformed In the Networked Society

Smart cities from an ict perspective

Technologies for The smart cities



Mobility Service aware Cloud Broadband Network

Curitiba smarter public transport

Curitiba’s smart transport solution has been recognized at UNFCCC 2011 as one of 10 inspiring examples.

UNFCCC: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

Curitiba,smarter public transport

  • Buses in Curitiba, Brazil connected via 3G mobile broadband networks

  • Vivo/Telefonica, Dataprom and Ericsson

  • Electronic ticketing

  • Real time information

  • Fleet management systems

  • By knowing routes, stops, speed, distance traveled, time of departure and arrival public transport is optimized and fuel cost reduced

Stockholm sustainable city development

2010 UNFCCC 2011 as one of 10 inspiring examples.

Oil depot

Container terminal


Gas plant


10,000 new residential dwellings

30,000 new work places

600,000 m2 commercial space

Modern port and cruise terminal

Walking distance to city centre

Stockholm,Sustainable City development

STOCKHOLM ROYAL SEAPORT – from an industrial area to a modern sustainable city district and port

Johannesburg a smart digital city
johannesburg UNFCCC 2011 as one of 10 inspiring examples. a smart digital city

  • Ericsson and the City of Johannesburg build next-generation fibre optic network

    • Better public administration and social services

    • Social and economic development

  • Consumers and businesses in the City of Johannesburg will enjoy the benefits of broadband along with tailored applications

    • Digital Communities

    • e-Government

    • e-Learning, etc

  • Upon completion in 2013, the network will cover all 8 regions in the city

  • Ericsson is supplier and Prime Integrator


In the networked society UNFCCC 2011 as one of 10 inspiring examples. people, knowledge, devices, and information are networked for the growth of society, life and business.


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