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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. By Joy Agre. Teacher’s Page. His Life. His Music. Questions. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart His Life.

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wolfgang amadeus mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Joy Agre



His Life

His Music


wolfgang amadeus mozart his life

Wolfgang Amadeus MozartHis Life

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria, on January 27, 1756. His father, Leopold, was a composer and violinist. His sister, Nannerl, learned to play the piano when Mozart was 3 years old. From that age on, he was interested in learning about music. His father eventually taught him to play piano. Mozart taught himself to play the violin.

wolfgang amadeus mozart1

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Mozart composed his first pieces for keyboard at age 5. He was an excellent pianist and often his sister would sing while he played. Their father arranged a European concert tour for his two children to show off the talents of his children. The young Mozart amazed concertgoers with his ability to play and compose long compositions. Soon he became known as the “Wonder Boy.”

wolfgang amadeus mozart2

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

He returned to Salzburg and continued composing. He had written his first symphony before his ninth birthday and his first opera by the age of twelve. Mozart’s music is a combination of German and Italian styles because of his father’s excellent teaching and the many visits to the musical centers of Europe.

wolfgang amadeus mozart3

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

At the age of twenty-six, he married Constanze Weber and the couple had two sons. Unfortunately for his family, Mozart’s work was not always valued and often they fell upon hard times. Shortly after he finished his famous opera The Magic Flute, Mozart was asked to compose a requiem mass for a special funeral even though

he himself was very ill.

He died within two weeks at the age of thirty-six. Because he died very poor, he was buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave.

wolfgang amadeus mozart his music

Wolfgang Amadeus MozartHis Music

Mozart wrote music for all combinations of chamber orchestra, strings, and winds, as well as symphonies, operas and major works for the piano and solo violin. In all, more than six hundred compositions were collected and cataloged by

L. von Kochel. That is why the “K” is used to identify Mozart’s work.

mozart questions

Mozart - Questions

1. What country did Mozart come from?

2. How old was Mozart when he first began writing music?

3.What was the name of an opera he wrote? And What happened right after he finished it?

4. What instruments did Mozart play?

5. Who in Mozart’s family were also musical?

wolfgang amadeus mozart teacher s page

Wolfgang Amadeus MozartTeacher’s Page

Mozart and His Life biography pages can be read aloud together as a class. Then use the questions to provoke thought and discussion about Mozart’s life. On another day, after more discussion about Mozart, the questions can be used individually as an assessment tool.

Clips of Mozart’s music (from external sources) can be listened to after reading about Mozart and his music.

The Mozart Mad Lib (a separate listing under MAP attack) can be done on another day. First have the students individually write down their answers to the categories. Then as a class go through the Mad Lib with students filling in the blanks aurally with their answers. They will get a big kick out of the funny story it tells. On yet another day, you could have students write the story with all of their answers filling in the blanks. After doing the story as a class, read the real story with the correct answers about Mozart’s life.