welcome to the computer lab n.
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Welcome to the Computer Lab PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Computer Lab

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Welcome to the Computer Lab - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Computer Lab
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  1. Welcome to the Computer Lab Teacher: Miss Schlup

  2. Computer Lab Rules #1 • Turn on Computers when appropriate. Tower- CPU Monitor

  3. Computer Lab Rules #2 • Students are not allowed to perform any internet searches or install programs.

  4. Computer Lab Rules #3 • Keep all food and drinks away from computers.

  5. Computer Lab Rules #4 • If the computer asks if you would like to do something, like download, install or anything you are not sure about, ASK THE TEACHER.

  6. Computer Rules #5 • Treat the lab equipment right, touching lightly.

  7. Computer Lab Rules #6 • If something inappropriate (BAD) comes onto your screen, turn off the MONITOR immediately and let your teacher know.

  8. Computer Rules #7 • If you need the teacher or a lab helper, get their attention in the correct way. No yelling out!

  9. Computer rules #8 • Print only when you have permission.

  10. Emergency Procedures

  11. In the event of a fire drill, students should line up at the door. • Exit the room, making a right hand turn. • Walk all the way down the hallway and out to the blacktop playground. • View video

  12. Tornado Drill • Students should exit the room, making a left and walk down to the corner of the hallway. • Students should sit, duck and cover facing the wall (same side computer lab is on).

  13. Earthquake Drills • Students should drop and take cover under a desk or table. • When notified to vacate the building, students should exit the building using the fire drill route. • View fire drill route

  14. Intruder Drill • When you hear “Maximum Lockdown” or “Medium Lockdown” • Sit quietly and follow directions. • If you are out of the room, go inside the nearest classroom. • Do Not open the door for anyone.

  15. Entering and Exiting Procedures

  16. Entering • Listen for directions when in the hallway.

  17. Entering • When entering the computer lab, pump one squirt of Germ-X in your hand.

  18. Entering • Go to the beginning of your row and get a cotton ball from the green container. • Pump FOUR pumps of alcohol on the cotton ball.

  19. Entering • Wipe off the headphones, keyboard and mouse BEFORE you use them. • Throw your cotton ball in the blue bin next to the alcohol pump.

  20. Entering • Sit down at your computer and wait for directions.

  21. Exiting • Save your work (if necessary) • Log out • Put your headphones where they belong • Wait for your row to be called • Stand up and push your chair in. • Line up quietly at the door (Hands and feet to yourselves please!)