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Exploring Puerto Rico Oral Report PowerPoint Presentation
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Exploring Puerto Rico Oral Report

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Exploring Puerto Rico Oral Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exploring Puerto Rico Oral Report
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  1. Exploring Puerto RicoOral Report Myrna MonllorJiménez English 112

  2. Instructions 1. Choose a place to explore in Puerto Rico. (You may choose from the list provided or any interesting place that you have visited-for example: lighthouses, your town’s museum, or other.) 2. Find out everything you can about the landmark you have chosen. For example: a. Where is it located? How do you get there? b. What is its history? (Who, when, why?) c. What did you learn?

  3. Instructions 3. Your objective is to convince us to visit the landmark. So your report has to be as interesting as possible. 4. YOU NEED TO VISIT THE LANDMARK, TAKE PICTURES (INCLUDING SOME IN WHICH YOU APPEAR). 5. Your power point presentation should be mostly pictures. Use creative ways to help you remember the details of your report. 6. Prepare a brochure or a slide show using the pictures you took and information about your landmark.

  4. Requirements • 10 minute report • NO READING FROM THE POWER POINT PRESENTATION OR NOTES • A power point presentation • A brochure or slide show using Movie Maker or another similar tool. (bring at least 2 copies of brochure to share with classmates).

  5. San Juan Cathedral Hotel El Convento

  6. La Fortaleza Fort San Cristobal

  7. National Cemetery Old San Juan La Rogativa, Old San Juan

  8. In Puerto Rico Paseo de la Princesa Siervas de María Convent

  9. Camuy Caves National Park Ponce Firehouse

  10. Tibes Ceremonial Park Casa MuseoCautiño, Guayama

  11. Ponce Art Musem Casa Museo Luis Muñoz Rivera, Barranquitas

  12. Serrallés Castle, Ponce Museo de lasAméricas, CuartelBallajá, Old San Juan

  13. Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico Santurce Luis A. Ferré Science Park, Bayamón

  14. Casa Loydi, Corozal Casa Pueblo, Adjuntas

  15. ParqueConmemorativo Julia de Burgos, Carolina Casa Escuté, Carolina