velocity acceleration n.
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Velocity & Acceleration

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Velocity & Acceleration - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Velocity & Acceleration. BTW you have a Test Thursday September 4 th. Velocity. B oth the speed and direction of an object Speed: A car travels 60 km/h Velocity A car travels 60 km/h to the north. WITH DIRECTION. Vector.

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Velocity & Acceleration

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velocity acceleration

Velocity & Acceleration

BTW you have a Test Thursday September 4th

  • Both the speed and direction of an object

Speed: A car travels 60km/h

Velocity A car travels 60km/hto the north


  • Quantities that are fully described by both a magnitude and a direction.
  • Force is a vector quantity – it has magnitude and direction
  • Velocity is too! It has both magnitude and direction
  • Quantities that are fully described by a magnitude (or numerical value) alone
  • Speed – only has magnitude

You just picked up some fellow classmates at chic-fil-a in your new rockin’ sharkmobile. You make the 1 mile drive to CTA for some fun after school learning with Ms. Meyer.

Vector or Scalar?


You are headed to an Ohio State football game. You bike all 13.8 miles North East to campus.

Vector or Scalar?


You are standing at the CTA girl’s basketball game. You go nowhere. You want to cheer for your team!

Vector or Scalar?

constant velocity
Constant Velocity
  • Remember constant speed? Well this is the same thing but with velocity (a direction)
  • Well if there is a direction, and it’s constant, then there has to be a constant direction!
changing velocity
Changing Velocity
  • If either the speed or the direction changes (or both) then the velocity changes
  • A car on a curved track may have a constant speed but, because its direction is changing, its velocity is not constant.
    • We will see in the next section that it is accelerating
  • So we can change the velocity of something by changing its speed, direction or both
  • How quickly velocity changes is acceleration
acceleration example
Acceleration Example
  • A particular car can go from rest to 90 km/h in 10s. What is its acceleration?

A = v-vo/time interval

A = 90-0 / 10s = 9km/h*s

bozeman science is the bomb com a little like jmeyerscience weebly com
Bozeman Science is the little like

Bozeman Science - Speed, Velocity, Acceleration

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