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T HE R OTARY F OUNDATION. D5000 Assembly March / April 2013. TRF is OUR Foundation. The Rotary Foundation. Annual Program Fund. Local Projects. Permanent Fund. Rotarian Donors. Global Projects. PolioPlus Fund. For Rotarians …. By Rotarians. Two Types of Grants.

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t he r otary f oundation


D5000 Assembly

March / April 2013

trf is our foundation
TRF is OUR Foundation

The Rotary Foundation

Annual Program Fund



Permanent Fund





PolioPlus Fund

For Rotarians …. By Rotarians

two types of grants
Two Types of Grants

District Grants

  • Formerly “District Simplified Grants”
  • Primarily for local projects

Global Grants

  • Formerly “Matching Grants”
  • Requires Rotarians (Clubs or Districts) in two different countries
    • “Host Club” ……………… Club in the area of the project
    • “International Club” ……. Club not in direct area of the project
grant basics
Grant Basics

District Grants

Global Grants

Active involvement by Rotarians from both clubs

Both clubs responsible

Each side … committee of 3 Rotarians

Address a humanitarian condition

Benefit a community as a whole and not an individual

  • Active involvement by Rotarians
  • Benefit a community in need
  • Benefit a community as a whole and not an individual

Cannot simply donate money to another organization

what can and can t be done
What Can and Can’t be Done


Not Allowed

Establishment of a Foundation

Purchase of land/building or house rent

Construction/renovation of structure for individuals

Plumbing/electrification inside buildings

Salaries for individuals of another organization

Purchase of birth control devices

Admin expenses for another organization

  • Micro-credit project
  • Short-term rent of buildings
  • Construction of infrastructure
  • Purchase equipment
  • Short-term/contracted labor
  • Maternal & prenatal health & education
  • Administrative expenses directly related to a project
finding local projects
Finding Local Projects
  • Community Needs Assessment
  • Partnering with local charities
  • Club members

TIP: Pick a date and assign a club member to find the project (e.g. follow the spirit of “Rotarians at Work” Day)

recent local project examples
Recent Local Project Examples
  • Backpacks for schoolchildren
  • Robotics Program support
  • Tutoring projects
  • Rescue Tubes
  • Holiday shopping programs

NOTE: 2013-2014 will allow substantially more funding than before and permit more meaningful projects. What are your plans?

finding global projects
Finding Global Projects
  • Find good partner clubs
    • District Governor connections
    • International Convention
    • Previous projects
  • Matchinggrants.org
  • Grant Resource Leaders (GRLs)

TIP 1: Don’t “push” a project onto a Host Club … honestly assess their motivation to oversee the effort

TIP 2: D5000 will match Club cash 2:1 in 2013-2014 … gives 5.5 x leverage!!

recent global project examples
Recent Global Project Examples
  • Purchase & install Dialysis machine (Bangkok)
  • Install water piping to houses in remote areas (Egypt)
  • Support vocational training center (Philippines)
  • Single mothers/children medical treatment (Romania)
  • Install respirator in hospital (Thailand)

NOTE: 2013-2014 requires projects to be > $30,000 so partnering with other clubs practically mandatory

conducting a grant
Conducting a Grant
  • Determine a need … local or international
  • Determine project leaders
  • Develop a budget and timeline for execution
    • District Grants … applications due by May before Year
    • Global Grants … applications due by March 31 of Year
  • Apply for funds
    • District Grant … 2-page form
    • Global Grant … on-line application
  • Once funded … execute project
    • Must be a good steward of funds!!
  • Submit Completion Report
new district grant requirements
New District Grant Requirements
  • Must use separate bank account for funds
    • Single bank account for multiple grants OK
    • Cannot co-mingle funds
  • Requires Financial Management plan to be in place
    • Succession plan for accounts
new global grant requirements
New Global Grant Requirements
  • Global Grants must meet one of six Areas of Focus
    • Peace & Conflict Resolution - Disease Prevention & Treatment
    • Water & Sanitation - Maternal & Child Health
    • Basic Education & Literacy - Economic & Community Development
  • Include active participation of benefiting community
  • Results must be measurable
  • Results must be sustainable
basic grants timeline
Basic Grants Timeline
  • Not a big change ….
funding your projects
Funding Your Projects


from Other Donors

& Organizations



Funds (DDF)

Matching Funds

from TRF

(Global Grants only)


from Club



what is ddf
What is DDF?

D5000 Rotarian gives $1,000

to TRF

(does not mark “SHARE”)

World Fund




what is ddf1
What is DDF?

World Fund




D5000 Rotarian gives $1,000

to TRF

(marks “SHARE”)





(D5000 controls)


how does my club get ddf
How Does My Club Get DDF?
  • D5000 receives ~$180,000 of DDF annually
  • Method of allocating to Clubs spelled out in “Policies & Procedures” Manual
  • FIRST … District-level Projects and Target Areas
  • SECOND … Remainder to Humanitarian Grants

Approximate Amount

    • Global Scholarships $15,000
    • Vocational Training Team $15,000
    • Contributions to PolioPlus/RCIS $20,000
    • Humanitarian Grants (Club-directed) $130,000


how does my club get ddf1
How Does My Club Get DDF?
  • 20% of DDF allocated to Clubs as “No-Match” Funds
    • Does not require club to contribute cash
    • Can be used toward Global OR District Grants (Big Change!!)
    • Amount based on average of last three years of giving
  • Remainder of DDF is “Matched” Funds
    • D5000 will match Club cash pledges 2:1
    • Can be used toward Global OR District Grants

Approximate Amount

DDF for Humanitarian Grants $130,000

“No-Match” Funds …………………………... $36,000

“Matched” Funds ……………………………. $94,000

d5000 ddf summary
D5000 DDF Summary



Global Scholarship


Vocational Training Team


Humanitarian Grants







“Matched Funds”

$ _______

District Grants

$ _______

Global Grants


World Fund

(Max = $90,000)

example district grant
Example – District Grant
  • Club has $500 in “No-Match” DDF
    • Can conduct $500 District Grant project without adding cash
  • But … if club pledges additional $500 …

“No-Match” DDF $500

Club Cash $500

“Matched” DDF (2:1) $1,000

Total $2,000

example global grant
Example – Global Grant
  • Club has $500 in “No-Match” DDF
    • Can contribute $500 to Global Grant project without cash
    • TRF will match 1:1 … total funds to project = $1,000
  • But … if club pledges additional $500 …

“No-Match” DDF $500

Club Cash $500

“Matched” DDF (2:1) $1,000

“TRF Match (0.5:1 Cash / 1:1 DDF) $1,750

Total $3,750

decisions decisions
Decisions, Decisions
  • Previous system dictated split between Local and International projects
    • TRF limited total local projects to 20% of DDF
    • New limit is 50% of total DDF … tough to get there
  • Global Grants receive TRF match
    • With 2:1 DDF match, minimum of 5.5:1 leverage!!
    • But … Projects must be larger (minimum of ~$30,000)
  • Clubs must now choose how to split limited resources
so what s up with the qualification
So What’s Up with the Qualification?
  • Previously … TRF controlled all projects
    • Reviewed all completion reports … including DSG
    • System began overwhelming limited TRF staff
  • Now … Districts and Clubs control larger portion
    • District Grant completions now District responsibility
    • Clubs must qualify to appropriately handle larger amounts of funds
other resources
Other Resources
  • Rotary.org
    • Member Access … “Rotary Foundation Grants (2013-2014)”
    • “Members” … “Running a District” … “Future Vision Pilot”
  • Grant Management Manual (TRF)
  • Future Vision Quick Reference Guide
  • D5000 Policies & Procedures Manual