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Abolitionist- a person against slavery - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A. Alliance- a close association of natives or other groups. Abolitionist- a person against slavery. Abstain- to not take part in some activity. Ambush- a surprise attack. B. Boycott- to refuse to buy item from a particular country.

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Alliance- a close association of natives or other groups

Abolitionist- a person against slavery

Abstain- to not take part in some activity

Ambush- a surprise attack


Boycott- to refuse to buy item from a particular country

Backcountry- a region of hills and forests west of tidewater

Burgesses- elected representatives to an asssembly

Blockade runner- ship that sails in and out of a blockaded area


Cabinet- a group of advisors to the presdent

Capital- money for investment

Canal- an artificial waterway

Cede- to give up by treaty


Diversity- variety or difference

Disarment- removal of weapons

Desert- To leave without permission

Dissent- disaggrement to or with an opionion


Export- to sell goods abroad

Effigy- rag figure representing an unpopular individual

Emancipate- to free from slavery

Entrenched- occupying a strong defensive position


Famine- an extreme shortage of food

Freedman- a person freed from slavery

Entrenched- occupying a strong defensive position

Frigate- warship


Global warming- a steady increase in average world temperature

Genocide- the deliberate destruction of radical political or cultural group

Greenback- a piece of u.s. paper money

Guerrila tactics- reffering to surprise attacks


Hieroglyphics- an ancient form of writing

Horizontal immigration- the combining of competing firms into one corp

Habeous Corpus- a legal order for an inquiry to determine whether a person has been lawfully imprisoned

Holocaust- the mass slaughter of jews


Import- to buy goods from foreign traders

Internet- a worldwide linking of computer networks

Ironclad- armored naval vessel

Impressment- forcing people into service as in the navy


Joint occupation- the possesion and setting of an unshaped area settled by 2 or more countries

Joint stock company- a company in which investors buy stock in the company in return for a share

Judicial branch- branch of gov. that makes laws

Thomas jefferson- he was 3rd president


Kansas nebraska act- slavery rights and kansas and nebraska

Henry Knox- secretary of War

Helen keller- overcame challenges of an illness

Francis Key- wrote star spangled banner


Landslide- overwhelming victory

Legeslate- Branch that makes laws

Lynching- putting to death of a person by illegal

Literacy- ability to read and write


Majority- more than half

Malitia- a group of civilians trained to fight

Maize- an early form of green

Manumission- the freeing of some enslaved person


Neutral- taking no side in conflict

Neutrality- a position not taking sides in a conflict