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Complete Guide to Penetration Testing Benefits PowerPoint Presentation
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Complete Guide to Penetration Testing Benefits

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Complete Guide to Penetration Testing Benefits - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For many organizations, one of the most popular benefits of penetration testing is that it will give you a baseline to work upon to cure the risk in a structured and optimal way.

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first let us discuss penetration testing

First, let us discuss penetration testing. A penetration test is a security testing that includes highly skilled people who have the experience and full understanding of physical and online parameters of a company's security system.

Since almost all organizations today rely on integrated technology, opportunists found a way to steal organization's important information.

Penetration test might also be called ethical hacking wherein an organization would hire a firm or a highly skilled individual to control their system and know their system's weakness and bugs to prevent the future threat.

The main goal of penetration testing service providers is to assess the vulnerability in your IT security setting. This works as a way for organization owners to test their security features and which improvements they need to defend from all types of attacks.

penetration testing the benefits 1 service

Penetration Testing - The Benefits

1. Service Disturbances And Security Breaches Are Usually Costly

Security flaws and any associated disruptions in the performance of applications or services might end in straight economic harms, creep up company's reputation, grind down entice negative press, client loyalties, and generate noteworthy fines and penalties. These costs are avoided by the frequent employment of such testing by the company.

There are a number of penetration testing organizations that help your company to avoid all IT infrastructure evasions. It is better for your business to remain secure in prior than to face extreme monetary and status loss.

wiselycopes vulnerabilities pen test gives


  • Pen Test gives comprehensive information on concrete and vulnerable security threats. Through carrying out a penetration test, a company can proactively identify which vulnerabilities are utmost serious, which are not as much of unique, and which are wrong positives.
  • This lets the companies to easily arrange remediation, execute necessary security patches and assign security resources more able to ensure that they are accessible whenever and wherever they are required the most.
  • It helps identify the legislative requirement that sets your organization by the law and to make sure that all laws applicable are being followed.
  • It also helps boost up the security level of your IT system and the whole company by simply recognizing the potential risks and knowing at which the organization security requires vast improvement before illegal hackers invade your company's system.
  • It can determine the effectiveness of existing security solution for the present and the future investment plan.
  • This help starts to set up your projects security features, it helps you find out which feature should be modified or which feature should be improved.
detects and arranges security threats pen test

Detects And Arranges Security Threats

Pen test measures the capability of a company to defend its applications, networks, users, and endpoints from internal and external attempts to avoid its security checks in order to achieve privileged or unapproved access to protected assets.

The effects of test confirm the threat posed by specific security vulnerabilities or faulty processes, allowing IT management and security specialists to arrange remediation efforts.

Companies can more efficiently anticipate emergent security threats and avoid unauthorized access to important information and critical systems through executing regular and complete penetration testing.

what is external and internal penetration test

What is external and Internal Penetration Test?

External penetration testing service providers helps you out to check the security of your system through the internet connection from outside IP address.

If you have a website then a legal hacker can try to penetrate all sensitive data that you are trying to hide through the internet.

Internal Test, on the other hand, is when a legal hacker would try to penetrate the organization's security using the company's own computer.

This will help you out to check the security system from inside jobs, both intentional and not intentional. The aim of this test is to prevent your company's workers to have access to all of the data.