a closer look at software quality assurance n.
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A Closer Look at QA and Testing Services PowerPoint Presentation
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A Closer Look at QA and Testing Services

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A Closer Look at QA and Testing Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hiring software testing services has become necessity in software world in order to detect bugs and errors in a business app.

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quality control is about failure detection

Quality control is about failure detection, it includes developing a testing system to know when things have gone wrong and often includes end product testing at a measured frequency.

The main function of a QA team is to build the confidence of the client and to increase the credibility of the organization. QA also has a hand in increasing the efficiency of the organization and the work processes, so as to allow the organization to compete with their opponents.

Anybody from the field of IT and who would like to enhance the QA skills must go for the following online resources.

software t esting t raining the online resource

Software Testing Training:

The online resource gives different topics to its students that aids them to work their way through the QA testing. Apart from the latest testing techniques that are taught in the course, the website does not leave out the common ways of QA testing.

There are online interactive classes given by Software testing training that give a feel of brainstorming sessions. The practice and assignment sessions help the students to practically apply the skills that were taught to them theoretically.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a set of tasks for assuring quality in software engineering methods (that ultimately result in quality in software products).

processes could be testing software design

Processes Could Be:

  • Testing
  • Software Design
  • Estimation
  • Project Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Software Development Methodology
  • Requirements Development/Management
qa t esting the difficulty with having a system

QA Testing

The difficulty with having a system based on failure detection is that you have to test at a frequency that is practical, otherwise, the price of the testing outweighs the advantages to the company, and if you only test one in a thousand deliveries how do you know the other ninety-nine were ok?

The next difficulty that a company has is that once you have identified failure what do you do?

process definition and i mplementation training

Process Definition and Implementation

  • Training
  • Auditing
  • Well if it is a short duration food it may already have been eaten by some customers by the time you get the test results back if it is a manufactured item you may have already sold the other ninety-nine batches before you get the result for the hundredth.
  • The QA training could be sought by either a college graduate who has passed recently or by an experienced trained so that they can switch to the QA team.
this summer especially has illustrated this point

This summer especially has illustrated this point only too well with the series of product recalls that have happened many on a global scale, but what has been the cost to companies not only the cost of the actual physical recall but also in terms of making equity? It involves the following activities:

  • Anyone from the field of IT and who would like to improve the QA skills must go for the following online resources.
  • JanBask Training:
  • JanBask Training gives the members the information that is based on the current trends in the market for QA testing.
  • Since QA is responsible for all aspects of the application related testings, it is pre-requisite that QA specialist ought to be accredited by the best training resource.
  • The JanBask training assigns the members with project works and assignments in real time to help them gain hands-on practical experience.
mindsmapped the online portal gives the training


The online portal gives the training to aspiring QA experts the core concepts of the QA and software testing training.

The training given by the resource is interactive based on JIRA, Selenium, HP Quality centre tools so as to provide the participants with real-time experience.

The objectives that each course aims to achieve are Automated and manual testing training, working experience in real time environment of QA and acquiring practical QA knowledge.