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How to help a child struggling with reading PowerPoint Presentation
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How to help a child struggling with reading

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How to help a child struggling with reading - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spelling and reading help for a variety of challenges including dyslexia, poor spelling, slow reading, difficulty writing. Teacher with 30 years experience will promote skill development and build confidence in order to improve areas of challenge.

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phone 587 323 0654 contact me

 Phone: 587.323.0654 |  Contact Me

Call me 587.323.0654 and let's start improving your child's reading

 Contact Me


The approach I use draws children in, fosters growth especially when started early, and is

supported by research. There have been exciting advancements in the understanding of

reading and spelling development for both English Language Learners and English speaking

students who are struggling; call me to discuss your child’s progress. Our initial conversation

can help you see how what I o?er could be helpful for your child.


Early Years

“The sooner the better” is a very good mantra to adopt when learning to read and spell. If your child is a) just learning

English, or b) is a beginning reader and you feel progress is slow, or c) is struggling and frustrated with the process of

learning to read and spell, l can help.



When children are taught in the way they learn best, their reading and spelling can improve. Given that dyslexia

means di?culty with reading and spelling, watch your child’s con?dence soar when given the appropriate tools for



What word comes to mind when you and your child discuss English spelling - weird? unpredictable? crazy? Now

imagine how children feel when they learn that English spelling is NOT weird or unpredictable or crazy! Making sense

of our English language clears the way for learning to happen; the excitement when children have access to this

understanding is amazing.


Take a look at what parents are saying.

Being parents with English as second language, Melane is de?nitely my son’s help in picking up English. It’s

beyond description how excited we were when we ?rst heard our 6 years boy read out loud without any

help. English reading is no longer a burden to him, amazingly, he just loves and enjoys the language. Melane

is passionate about and professional in her work. She cares not only her students but also their parents. She

is patient with our endless questions on reading and things related to learning. Melane, thank you very


S.L. & P.C.


Hi Melane, The work that you have done with our son this past year is just amazing. When we ?rst met, his

dad and I were desperate not knowing what we were going to do with our son and his problem with

reading the school was not seeing the problems

reading. The school was not seeing the problems we were seeing and the dr’s thought he would just ?gure it

out. Meeting you and working with you has been the best thing that has ever happened to him! He went

from reading a handful of words to reading books! He has worked so hard and he proved it today when he

came home with a coupon today for a free pizza because he moved up in his reading challenges. Thank-you

for all of your help!



Hi Melane I just wanted to thank you so much for being in our lives. Not only for the help with her reading,

but for her self con?dence, that is what I have noticed the most. I can’t even express to you what a blessing

your work has been. I just couldn’t stop squeezing her last night, I am so proud of her, I don’t even know

what to do. And I know how hard this is, I am seeing more and more that the apple doesn’t fall far from the

tree. I so believe in what you are doing, I would scream it from the roof tops. I believe that this will have an

everlasting impact on the course of her life. I only wish it would have been presented to me. It’s upsetting

that this is not more known, this should be more exposed. I am excited to learn more of what you do, and I

am so so so excited to watch my little lady ?ourish. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Melane.



Melane Culham is exceptional with kids. Our daughter was severely delayed in her speech and language

comprehension which made her extremely frustrated in all aspects. While working with Melane, she quickly

made huge gains and became a con?dent, talkative, eager little girl. Our daughter is now reading and

understanding books above grade level. My daughter said “Melane makes you want to learn and she makes

you feel good about yourself.” Melane is very friendly and she encourages kids in the most beautiful way.




I understand the importance of reading. Why do you say spelling is so important for my daughter too?

These skills go hand in hand. Being able to successfully read a word is no guarantee that a child will spell it correctly.

But the reverse is true- if she can correctly spell a word, she will be able to read it.

I sometimes wonder if my son is just disinterested or maybe not trying his best when we read together. What

would you suggest?

If asked, I don’t believe a child would choose to be the one who struggles in class. So getting appropriate help is

certainly critical for skill development. Of equal importance, in my opinion, is ?nding, fostering and celebrating your

child s many strengths this will certainly assist

child’s many strengths. This will certainly assist your child in maintaining a positive self-esteem while working so hard

to improve reading and spelling.

Growing up, my spelling was not always accurate and that hasn’t really improved. My child’s spelling seems to

be following this same pattern. Can this be hereditary?

Yes it can. Sometimes the di?culties appear in subsequent generations, as either less or more of a challenge. If a

parent struggles with reading or spelling, watching your child’s developing skills is strongly encouraged. I say this so

often: the earlier the better!

My daughter has not been diagnosed with dyslexia. Would you still be able to help?

Absolutely! Dyslexia means there is di?culty when learning language (reading, writing, spelling). If you are searching

for answers, you have already determined she has not yet found her missing piece to the puzzle. I’m always happy to

speak to any parent about reading and spelling. Call me!

Do you know where I can get some general information on reading or dyslexia?

Yes, and here are some links:

Reading Rockets - 10 things you should know about reading

Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity

Dyslexia: at a glance

Dyslexia: fact sheets

Dyslexia: success stories


My passion is helping children to become con?dent readers and spellers. I have a Master's of Education and

nearly 30 years experience as an educator. Call me--let's get your child reading!

Melane Culham, M.Ed.

I am a Reading Specialist and educator with nearly 30 years of experience. I am passionate about teaching

children to read. When children unlock the reading maze, their lives change. I am fortunate to be able to help

foster these skills and be a part of the “a-Ha!” moment when it all ?nally starts to make sense. I acknowledge

that parents can feel frustration when their child is clearly talented in many ways yet struggles with reading. I

have the tools to not only help children learn to read but become more con?dent readers. Let’s remove the

e?ects of overlooked reading di?culties on a child’s self-esteem; let’s change the perception of children who

see others around them learning with such apparent ease that they come to the (unfortunate and incorrect)

conclusion that they are just “not smart.” Let’s get your child reading!

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tesserateaching com

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Please ?ll in the form below and I will get back to you. Your contact information will only be used to reply to your

request. I do not give your contact information to third-parties.