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Stop Child Abuse PowerPoint Presentation
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Stop Child Abuse

Stop Child Abuse

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Stop Child Abuse

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  1. Stop Child Abuse

  2. Child abuse refers to a situation where a parent or a caregiver causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child through action or because of failure to act to protect the child.

  3. Common Causes of Child Abuse:

  4. ● Parent’s Own Experience During Childhood Child abuse does not just happen; it is a result of a negative experience of a parent’s or an adult’s own suffering from abuse or ill-treatment during their childhood.

  5. ● Wrong Expectations Immature adults or teenage parents who fail to see what a big responsibility parenthood is, may be surprised.. at the amount of care and attention that infants and children need.

  6. ● Lack of Support and Social Isolation The fact that parenting is stressful, parents require some sort of support from family and friends. If no one helps them in time of financial difficulties or physical illness, it can place a lot of pressure on them.

  7. ● Stress Conditions like unemployment, financial pressure, poverty, poor housing, stressful jobs, children with challenging behaviour and mental illness can increase a parent’s stress levels, which can then lead to abusive behaviour.

  8. ● Drug and Alcohol Problems When parents have uncontrolled vices, they cannot fully take care and protect their children as they become less sensitive to their needs. This can result in failure to do their responsibility as parents.

  9. Whatever reason there is, child abuse is never justified, and it must be stopped. That is why the government is really stiff in giving sanctions to those parents who are found to beabusive to their children. There are also several law firms that can take care of this issue. In Richmond BC, you can consult Cohen Buchan Edwards LLP on any matter concerning Richmond family law.