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  1. Music

  2. Review: Week 1 • Music is a “hot button” with many Christians today. • Music is becoming a “personal god.” • Music invades our culture in ways never known to mankind. • Music is a very Biblical matter. God has tons to say about music.

  3. Review: Week 2 • Music is the gauge by which you can determine what the world is pursuing. • Amoral-“being neither moral nor immoral” (Webster Dictionary) • Many people believe that music is amoral (neutral) (non-emotional). “The sound doesn’t effect me, just the lyrics.” • This is where CCM supporters go wrong. They believe that music is neutral and that the lyrics justify the worldly music style. • Proof: Practically, Worldly, Biblically

  4. The Basicsabout Music 2

  5. Quote “Music is being used to influence your mind, attitude, philosophy, lifestyle, buying habits, and theology. In short…it is influencing your behavior and thinking.” Frank Garlock, Music in the Balance

  6. Elements of Music • Melody- Carries the primary message. The “story line.” Arrangement of sounds • Harmony- combination and progression of chords in musical structure. (Personality) • Rhythm- the orderly movement of music through time. Rhythm is the life of music, without it music is dead. • These elements used correctly (balanced) create good quality music!

  7. Perversion of Music • Many Rock artists emphasize and build music around the rhythm. • Which numbs the mind and causes bodily movement that can be very sensual and seductive (sexual). • Here is what they say…

  8. Quotes: Secular • Gene Grier, composer “One of the most obvious and overlooked aspects of Rock is the physical response it generates. You really can’t listen to Rock for any length of time without responding physically to what you hear.” • Gene Simmons, Kiss “They [parents] should be concerned because we’re into girls—that’s what rock is all about—sex with a 100-megaton bomb, the beat!”

  9. Quotes: CCM • Toby McKeenan, DC Talk “…it’s a beat that just makes you want to dance, it makes you want to move.” • Jeremy Camp “In the OT, a lot of people used to dance, I’m not saying they danced to rock & roll, they used to dance to worship the Lord. And a lot of time with rock, its’ ‘Yeah!’ You know--jump up and down and really get into it.”

  10. Quote “Quite often, those who really see nothing wrong with rock have not truly accepted Christ as their Saviour.” Richard Peck, author (Rock, Rock, Rock)

  11. Satan’s Goal: • His Mission: To exalt himself above God. • He wants YOU to live in your sinful flesh! • He wants YOU to be wicked! • He wants YOU to disobey God’s commands! • He is at war with God…through YOU!

  12. But, It’s sad to think… • Many Christians don’t really believe that the devil is real. • Didn’t the devil try to tempt Jesus 3 times (Matt. 4)? If he tried that don’t you think he will try to tempt you today? • The Devil is REAL!

  13. Satan’s Goal, cont: • The devil is going to attack Christians, because they want to obey and worship God. (The world is already doing bad) • Satan uses the best stuff to get you to disobey God. • How is he going to attack you? • Devour you! He wants to consume you! [1 Pet 5:8] • Defeat you! He wants the victory! [Eph 6:12] • Deceive you! He wants the advantage! [Rev 12:9] • Adam & Eve (Gen 3)- “He takes something holy and distorts it just enough to sell his lie.” (BM, pg75) • Ways Satan deceives: 1) Blinds (2 Cor. 4:4) 2) Scripture (Matt 4:4) • Satan is involved in day to day operations!

  14. Satan’s Goal, Conc: • The bottom line in Satan’s goal is to take what God created and pervert it. So he can trick people, like you, into giving him glory (attention). • 2 Cor 2:11 -Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices. • Satan wants worship and will use any means to get that worship. Rock music has become just that—A weapon to dethrone God and to exalt Satan.

  15. Modern Day (2008) Satan • “Satan is receiving the attention of an entire generation-while Christ is ignored, blasphemed, and mocked.” (Peck, pg.37) • “Rock has become a stronghold for…sexual sin.” (Peck, pg.34) • Newspaper Article • I will prove it to you…

  16. TOP 20 SongsTHIS WEEK! Lyrical Message 1) I Kissed A Girl- Katy Perry 2) Forever-Chris Brown 3) Disturbia-Rihanna 4) Take A Bow- Rihanna 5) Viva La Vida- Coldplay 6) A Milli- Lil Wayne 7) Dangerous-Akon 8) Tonight-Jonas Brothers 9) When I Grow Up- Pussycat Dolls 10) Closer-Ne-Yo 11) Burnin’ Up- Jonas Brothers 12) AmericanBoy-Estelle 13) Leavin’- Jesse McCartney 14) BleedingLove- Leona Lewis 15) Lollipop- Lil Wayne 16) PaperPlanes- M.I.A. 17) Pocketful of Sunshine- Natasha Bedingfield 18) Lolli Lolli (Pop That Body)-Three 6 Mafia 19) Get Like Me- David Banner 20) Shake It- Metro Station 1) Love/ Lust/ Sex/ Homosexuality 2) Chasing a Girl/ Physical Lust 3) Leaving a old boyfriend 4) Infidelity/ Sex Affairs/ Unforgiving 5) French Revolution 6) Cussing/ Sex/ Money 7) Physical Lust/ Sex 8) Dysfunctional Relationship 9) Physical Lust/ Sex 10) Lust/ Sexual Fantasy 11) Physical Lust- can’t resist a girl 12) Physical Lust/ Sexual Reference 13) Sex 14) Sex 15) Sex 16) Stealing Money 17) Love Tease 18) Sex (Strip Club) 19) Cars/ Cussing 20) Sex

  17. Let’s think about it… • If the devil knows that the TOP 20 songs are trapping people into their sins and blinding them from the truth. What would stop him from doing the same thing with Christian music? • “Considering the nature of Satan and his role in this world, it is easy to conclude that perhaps CCM is the tool of the Devil designed to deceive the Christian community into accepting a watered down version of the truth.” (Biblical Music, pg.73)

  18. Satan is working day and night to dethrone God in your life!

  19. Quote “Christians defend rock music more than rock musicians do.” Matthew Walker, Biblical Music

  20. Let’s be Straight up! • “Many defenders of rock tend to be dividers. A divider will usually try to carve CCM into a number of slices-each one thinner than the last.”

  21. Taking ROCK and cutting it down to “thinner slices” CCM is watered down ROCK music with “Christian” lyrics.

  22. “Most Christians naturally assume that the only music that is Satanic is the heavy metal/ gangsta rap / grunge/goth music that is clearly anti-God and obviously not conservative. We would never assume that Satan is active in the soft-pop music culture that many evangelicals have swarmed to.” (Biblical music, pg73) • Satan is crafty in his work.

  23. Review • Don’t you see how Satan is very sly and cunning to devour YOU through music? • The rock (all types) music you are listening to is giving honor to Satan, not God. • Remember, Satan wants to pervert music. Please turn to 2 Cor. 11:14-15.

  24. Satan wants to pervert music! GOD “Satan is one of the chief promoters of Christian Music”

  25. Conclusion: • 1 Pet. 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” • Eph 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. • Eph 4:27 Neither give place to the devil. • Next time we meet, I will address the CCM issue in depth. • Continue to be teachable!