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PURCHASING CARD. Training. Agenda. General Overview Spend Limits Usage of the P-Card Returns and Disputes Reconciliation Process Summary. What is a P-Card?. Overview. A Visa card issued by Bank of America Accepted in person, by phone, fax and on the internet Must be a State employee

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  • General Overview
  • Spend Limits
  • Usage of the P-Card
  • Returns and Disputes
  • Reconciliation Process
  • Summary
what is a p card
What is a P-Card?


A Visa card issued by Bank of America

Accepted in person, by phone, fax and on the internet

Must be a State employee

Authorization required

p card issuance requirements
P-Card Issuance Requirements


  • Cardholder must be permanent, part-time or full-time employees whose job requires the use of a purchasing card or related account.
  • Cards are not issued in a department name to be shared by other employees.
  • Cards are not issued to employees of foundations associated with Clayton State University.


  • P-cards are limited to one per cardholder
  • Complete a Purchasing Card Request form found on website.
  • Approved by Head of Department etc.
  • Submit form to us.
  • Complete a Background and Credit Check Authorization form
  • Signed employee agreement.
  • Mandatory P-card training.


p card security
P-Card Security


  • Responsibility for P-card rests with the cardholder
  • Cardholders are accountable for all transactions on their card
  • Protect your p-card number as your own personal credit card
  • Card sharing is prohibited do not “lend” your

card to anyone.

  • Familiarize yourself with Legislative, State and University policy and procedures located on the Procurement Services website




  • Official Code of Georgia Annotated (O.C.G.A.)
  • Applicable requirement of Georgia Procurement Manual
  • State Purchasing Card Policy
  • Internal policies & procedures governing procurement & p-card program


background and credit checks


Background and Credit Checks
  • Criminal background checks for existing and new purchasing card holders
  • Credit Checks are for new purchasing card holders only
  • Background check reveals misdemeanors or felonies related to financial wrongdoing, theft or other act of dishonesty, the cardholder’s privileges are terminated.
  • Credit check reveals numerous delinquent credit reporting lines will result in termination of cardholder’s privileges.
spending limits
Spending Limits

Spend Limit

  • Single Transaction Limit is less than $5,000
  • Cycle Limits may go up to $25,000 without special approval from DOAS
point of sale denials
Point-of-sale denials


  • Cycle limit has been reached (ex.$10,000)
  • Purchase exceeds transaction limit ($5,000)
  • Merchant Category does not comply
sales tax
Sales Tax

Spend Limit

  • Make vendors aware of tax exemption prior to purchase
  • Credits cannot be obtained by any other method, including, but not limited to , cash, gift card, gift certificate, or store credit.
  • Exceptions: Agency accounts are subject to all applicable sales taxes.
  • Out of state purchases may require sales tax
p card may be used for


P-Card May be Used for:
  • Subscriptions
  • Registrations
  • Lab/Research Sup
  • Nursing/Dental Sup
  • Printing/Publications
  • Office Supplies
  • Office Furniture
  • Express/Expedited Mail Services
  • Non Inventory Equipment

(Items under $3,000)

  • Services
  • Items on State Contract
  • Software (MSD/UGA)
  • Airline travel/Rental Cars
  • Convenience Fees
  • Promotional items
services to include
Services to Include


Payment of cell phone/pager service (Must submit itemized bill-complete billing)

Rentals such as vehicles, small item rentals

advanced airline travel
Advanced Airline Travel


  • Air travel for Clayton State employee and Students
  • No statewide contract for airlines
  • Assure best value for airline travel
  • Can use Travelocity, Orbitz, Cheap Tickets, Expedia for flight reservation.
  • Travel must take place in same fiscal year
  • Travel Authorization Form must be submitted manually.
automobile rental
Automobile Rental


Must use Enterprise or National Car Rentals (Statewide Contract)

Used for official Clayton State business

Gas cannot be purchased for rental car this is a reimbursable expense.

p card may not be used for
P-Card May Not Be Used for:


  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco products
  • Gift cards, gift certificates or other cash equivalent items
  • Cash Advances
  • Food
  • Personal items
  • Purchases for resale
  • Memberships and/or fees to wholesale shopping clubs
  • Entertainment, including in-room movies, tours and shows

P-Card Training

p card may not be used for1


P-Card May Not Be Used for:

Automotive Fuel

Equipment (single item equal or greater $3000)

Mechanical repairs and maintenance of State-owned or rental vehicles

Professional Services

Personal Services

Employee travel: lodging, transportation, personal vehicles and meals, misc. travel fees

p card may not be used for2
P-Card May Not Be Used for:


  • Firearms/explosives
  • Computers
    • All computers must be approved by OITS and ordered through Procurement Services
athletic team student club event
Athletic Team/Student Club Event:


May purchase food and lodging for Student Activities

Must have itemized receipt showing all meals purchased

Roster of participants showing name and Original signature of each student (for activities not open to the entire campus- e.g. athletic teams, student clubs)

Must have a flyer, an e-mail or copy of team schedule showing the meal was an authorized student activity

team club travel
Team/Club Travel


May use the card for airline lodging and rental car, van, etc. for students/team on University sponsored trips

Sponsors who are State Employees must submit reimbursement via online PS travel & expense module.

returning purchases
Returning Purchases


  • Request a return address from vendor
  • Obtain return authorization number (if applicable)
  • P-card credit to be issued by vendor
  • Request a fax or e-mail confirmation of the credit for reconciling your records
    • Must have company name, credit amount and identify item credited
resolving disputes
Resolving Disputes


If you cannot settle with the supplier/vendor:

  • Contact Bank of America
  • Notify P-card Administrator
  • Attach a copy of dispute documentation to monthly statement.
  • Check each statement to assure credit has been issued
card is lost stolen
Card is Lost/Stolen
  • Immediately notify Bank of America at


  • Notify campus P-card coordinator
reconciling p card


Record Keeping

WORKS Payment Manager

Monthly Statements

Approver Responsibilities



  • All P-card transactions post in real time online
  • Must add a business purpose in the comment field
  • Allocate each transaction
  • Reconciliation must occur by the last business day of each month
  • Always maintain copies of documentation in your department


Monthly Statements

Due by the 5th of each month (ex)

Attach VISA approval form

Signed by Cardholder

Signed by Approver, VP, AVP, Dean, Director or Head of Department.

May have more than one approver

Compile “VISA Packet”

monthly statements
Monthly Statements


Visa Packets should:

  • Include all receipts/invoices to support charges
  • State business purpose on receipt
  • Itemized list of purchase-no acronyms
  • Print CSU GL Memo Statement report from WORKS
missing receipt
Missing Receipt


Cannot obtain or locate receipt/invoice for verification to statement

Must be less than $100

Complete a Missing Receipt Report located on website

Attach to “VISA Packet” as receipt.

No more than three (3) times per fiscal year

approver responsibilities
Approver Responsibilities


Person with budget authority for the department is responsible for the action of the cardholder(s)

Assure that all transactions are reconciled and proper documentation is attached to Visa Packet

Ensure Visa Packets are submitted by the 5th of the month

Signing the VISA approval form indicates acknowledgement of all purchases

Verify that all documentation is attached and purchases have been approved


Missing Receipt Form

Request for Purchasing card form

Employee Agreement Form

Visa Approval Form

Background and Credit Check Authorization Form


If in doubt…….



misuse of the card
Misuse of the Card


Minor Violations:

  • Failure to reconcile Works by the last business day of the month
  • Failure to reconcile and submit the Visa Packet by the fifth day of the following month
  • Improper documentation
  • Excessive use of the Missing Receipt Form
misuse of the card1
Misuse of the Card


Major Violation:

  • Failure to attend annual training
  • Splitting orders to avoid bid process
  • Allowing others to use your P-card
  • Personal Purchases

This misuse can result in disciplinary action or termination of

employment by the Vice-President of Business & Operations

policy not followed
Policy Not Followed

First Offense of a Minor Violation:

  • Written Warning
  • Cardholder must reply to warning

Second Offense of a Minor Violation:

  • Up to 60-day suspension of P-card privileges
  • Same notification as First offense
policy not followed1
Policy Not Followed

Third Offense of Minor Violation or First Offense of Major Violation:

  • Up to 90 days or permanent termination of P-card privileges
  • May be required to take the online P-card refresher course and pass the 20-question test
  • Written notification to appropriate officials
  • Written justification from departmental head to retain P-card privileges
  • Responsibility of card
  • Spending Limits
  • Reconciliation process
  • Authorization and approvals
  • Document, Document, Document
  • CSU Official business only
contact information
Contact Information
  • Procurement Services website


  • Contact us via e-mail or phone

Thank you!