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Student Answer Documents: Accuracy & Accountability PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Answer Documents: Accuracy & Accountability

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Student Answer Documents: Accuracy & Accountability - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Answer Documents: Accuracy & Accountability. And so it begins …. Last year’s data rolls forward. New students are entered in the district’s system. Data verification is key!. October Snapshot. Last Friday in October is the PEIMS Snapshot Date – October 30, 2009

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and so it begins
And so it begins …
  • Last year’s data rolls forward.
  • New students are entered in the district’s system.
  • Data verification is key!
october snapshot
October Snapshot
  • Last Friday in October is the PEIMS Snapshot Date – October 30, 2009
    • Updates and reviews and edits are completed earlier
    • The audit documents are in the file cabinet, rather than the computer
  • This is the “Fall Submission”
and from there tea
And from there … TEA
  • Answer documents should be as accurate as test date data.
    • What was true in October may no longer be accurate.
  • Answer document data is used to calculate the Accountability and AYP reports. NOT PEIMS!
testing cycle begins
Testing Cycle Begins…
  • The Fall Submission provides the data submitted to pre-code the TAKS answer documents
    • No edits
    • Data on answer documents is based on what the district submits to Pearson in the data file
verifying coding for accuracy
Verifying Coding for Accuracy
  • Everything is important since it affects something in one of the three accountability systems
  • It is imperative that we verify the coding on student answer documents
  • What sources do we use to verify coding?
Testing …
  • Campus/District Testing Coordinators have the responsibility to ensure the review and verification of the accuracy of data on pre-coded labels. These labels are used for the answer documents.
  • How do you verify? Against what?
  • What process is in place in your district?
right test right student
Right Test – Right Student?
  • What test(s) will be administered?
  • How do campus testing coordinators and test administrators verify that the student receives the right test?
  • For special education, ARD documentation dictates this.
wrong information on the answer document
Wrong Information on the Answer Document?

How do you convey steps for ‘fixing’ a label at the district level?…campus level?

How do you ensure that students do not ‘bubble’ anything on the answer documents that will override the label?

what coding affects accountability
What Coding Affects Accountability?
  • State Accountability
    • Ethnicity
    • Economically Disadvantaged
    • Score Code & Test Taken Information
  • AYP
    • Ethnicity
    • Economically Disadvantaged
    • LEP (Current, M1, and M2)
    • Special Education
    • Score Code

What are the AYP Measures next year?

Math ?????


Reading/Language Arts?????


what coding affects accountability1
What Coding Affects Accountability?
    • Ethnicity
    • Economically Disadvantaged
    • LEP
      • Bilingual
      • ESL
    • Special Education
    • Title I
    • CATE
data validation monitoring dvm
Data Validation Monitoring (DVM)
  • Data validation responsibilities include review and follow-up with districts or campuses that have been identified for potential data inaccuracies, anomalies, or irregularities. 
    • Excessive Coding of Absent (content areas and TELPAS Reading)
    • Excessive Coding of “Other” (content areas and TELPAS Reading)
    • Excessive Discrepancy PEIMS/TAKS CTE Status
  • DVM includes stages 1-3 with a variety of activities that LEAs are to conduct with each stage (i.e., FDA,CIP templates) all with the intent of correcting data errors.
  • Documentation is key.