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Brian Swaw Partner Warehouse PowerPoint Presentation
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Brian Swaw Partner Warehouse

Brian Swaw Partner Warehouse

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Brian Swaw Partner Warehouse

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  1. Brian Swaw Brian Swaw of Partners Warehouse Is a SuccessfulProfessional

  2. About Brian Swaw Brian Swaw at Partners Warehouse serves as Operations Manager of the company. This family owned Logistics Company is committed in offering quality and flexible services to their clients. He brings his extensive years of combined warehousing and logistics experience to handle varying warehousing and distribution needs of customers.

  3. About Partner Warehouse Brian Swaw of Partners Warehouse has worked with several companies at executive-level positions. He was the Director of Sales and Transportation at Docusource Office Solutions. He managed day to day operations for 1.1 million dollar partnership and developed daily sales strategy formula to meet monthly revenue goals. He also managed all inbound and outbound orders to make sure they achieved transportation timeline.He was also responsible for managing monthly P&L to ensure budget was met on yearly basis. Prior to joining Docusource Office Solutions, Mr. Swaw was National Sales Account Manager with Imaging Portals, Inc. for two years.

  4. Business Experience • Brian Swaw has worked as ESPN sports Broadcaster for WMVP in Chicago AM1000 (Fantasy Football Guru) from 2002-2010. He owns fantasy football website,; where fantasy football never stops. This well-acclaimed fantasy football information website has won the heart of millions and there are more than 200 articles written about this site.

  5. Experience Mr. Swaw has appeared on over 200 radio shows and on several different TV shows for fantasy football. In addition to this, he is a responsible member of the society and contributes towards the social good. He actively volunteers with St Dennis School and Church. He is the head of fundraising at St. Dennis and they raised over 150K last year. For more details about Brian Swaw of Partners Warehouse, please browse through