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Pre Test Workshop Clark County

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Pre Test Workshop Clark County - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LAS Links ™ English Language Proficiency Assessment October 2010. Pre Test Workshop Clark County. IMPORTANT NOTICE. This presentation provides information outlined in the “ English Language Proficiency Assessment Test Coordinator’s Manual ( TCM ) 2010-2011 Administration ”

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important notice
  • This presentation provides information outlined in the “ English Language Proficiency Assessment Test Coordinator’s Manual (TCM) 2010-2011 Administration”
  • For the most current information and procedures for CCSD, please contact Bruce Clemmer, ELLP Director, Testing at 855-7771.
your nevada ctb mcgraw hill team
Your Nevada CTB/McGraw-Hill Team

Lynne Czerwinski, Program Manager, Program Operations

Minal Patel, Scoring Project Manager

Elma N. Pineda-Raney, Ed.D., Senior Evaluation Consultant

Geri Ray, MBA-HCM State Solutions Manager

today s topics
Today’s Topics
  • Overview
  • Important Dates
  • Who to Test
  • Test Security
  • Pre-test Activities
  • Distribution of Test Materials
  • Demographic Highlights
  • Preparation for Testing
  • Post-test Activities
  • Tips for a Successful Testing Program
who do i call with questions
Who do I call with questions?

The ELLP Coordinators are:

Area 1                      Brenda Daw              799-1719  x5324

                                   Gail Welch            799-1719  x5322

Area 2                      Heath Horvat           799-0930  x5330

                                    Penny Nicholson  799-2160  x5205

Area 3/ESD                Yesmi Rios                799-2658  x5327

Area 4                    Barbara Badalewski       799-4558  x5346

Letitia Worth 799-4558 x5343

DL/SSSD/Charter Schools     Miriam B. Benitez      799-2137  x5043

Testing & Translation Svc.   Bruce Clemmer         855-7771  x5369

  • The Nevada Department of Education (NDE) designated LAS Links™ as the English Language Proficiency Assessment for the state
    • Complies with NCLB requirements and measures students’ skills in Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and Comprehension
    • Used as the official AMAO* assessment
    • LAS Links, Form B, is to be used in 2010-2011
    • Large Print and Braille test books are not available

*Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives

who do i test
Who do I test?
  • Do not rely on the labels.
  • Access the ELLP website:
  • Select: “Student Lists” & “I agree”.
  • Userid: ellpactive; password: seelists
  • Select the “Weekly Student Lists” button in the upper left hand corner.
  • Find your Area and scroll down to your school.
  • Double click on the purple button.
  • Test all students identified in Section I – Students to be tested on the ELPA.
  • The list is updated weekly. Check periodically to see if students have been added.
eps codes
EPS Codes

*These students must be administered the Placement Test to determine ELL status before the ELPA is administered. The ELPA is only administered to students who are eligible for ELL services.

Page 21 TCM

test security
Test Security
  • Test security is everyone’s job!
    • Keep all test materials secure at all times
    • Test security procedures may be found in the ELPA Guide on the ELLP website
  • Non-consumable test materials:
    • Student Books for grade spans 4-5, 6-8 and 9-12
    • CDs, Cue Books and Examiner’s Guides
  • Consumable test materials:
    • Student Test/Answer Books for grade spans K-1 and 2-3
    • Student Answer Books for grade spans 4-5,

6-8 and 9-12

Page 5 TCM

pre test activities
Pre-Test Activities
  • As soon as Form B materials arrive, verify packing list against materials received
    • Consumable materials will be delivered in packages of 10 or 25
    • Verify quantities within packages
  • Inventory Form B materials remaining from previous test administration
  • Complete your Materials Receipt Verification form and fax to the attention of Bruce Clemmer at 799-2132
  • Inventory Form A materials and fax to the attention of Bruce Clemmer at 799-2132 (Appendix B in ELPA Guide – LAS Links Off-year Materials Inventory form)
ccsd assessment team
CCSD Assessment Team
  • District Assessment Team
    • District Coordinator
    • Area ELLP Coordinator
    • School Site Test Coordinator
    • Teachers or anyone else authorized/trained to administer LAS Links
assessment team guidelines
Assessment Team Guidelines
  • District and School Coordinators
    • Emphasize: Test security, physical condition of test materials, student demographics, importance of correct packaging of materials
  • Test Administrators
    • Emphasize: Test security, correct testing procedures – including bubbling
test materials to be shipped by ctb
Test Materials to be shipped by CTB
  • Test Coordinator’s Kits (sent to schools)
    • Group Information Sheets
    • School Group List
    • Test Coordinator’s Manual
  • Student Barcode labels will be shipped separately to schools (October 22, and December 3, 2010)
  • Consumable test materials
student barcode labels
Student Barcode Labels
  • Labels are included in the Test Coordinator’s Kit
  • One label per student
  • Do not make marks on the label
  • If you bubble any demographic information while using a barcode label, it will overwrite the barcode data.

Page 6 TCM

barcode label positioning
Barcode Label Positioning
  • Apply student label in upper left corner
  • Label may be crooked, but must be within box
  • If a student does not have a label, bubble in all demographic information

Page 7-8 TCM

demographic highlights
Demographic Highlights
  • If student ID bar code label is not used:
    • Test Examiner must bubble demographic information on pages one and two
  • All hand bubbling must be reviewed for accuracy

Pages 7-10 TCM

demographic descriptions
Demographic Descriptions
  • Ethnicity (7)
    • Mark only one ethnicity
  • Student ID Number (6)
    • Ten digits. Right justify and fill leading columns with zeroes

0 0 5 3 2 8 6 4 5 7

demographic descriptions cont
Demographic Descriptions (cont.)
  • Home Language (8)
    • Not required by NDE.
  • Purpose of Test (9)
    • Fill in the bubble for Annual Assessment
demographic grid page two
Demographic Grid Page Two

Not Required by NDE

Not Required by NDE

Not Required by NDE

Not Required by NDE

Pages 9-10 TCM

demographic descriptions cont23
Demographic Descriptions (cont.)
  • Date Testing Completed (10)
    • Bubble and write in the date the student was tested
  • Test Invalidation (11) and Test Exemptions (12)
    • Consult the district test coordinator before invalidating any test section
    • No score will be given for the sections marked
  • Absent (13)
    • There are very few cases when it is appropriate to mark a student as absent for a test section
    • In the case that a student was unable to complete all subtests prior to the end of the testing window, the student will be marked as absent for the missed subtest(s).
demographic descriptions cont24
Demographic Descriptions (cont.)
  • USA School Enrollment (14)
    • Not required by NDE.
  • Mobility (15)
    • Not required by NDE.
  • Program Participation (16)
    • Not required by NDE.
demographic descriptions cont25
Demographic Descriptions (cont.)
  • Special Education (17)
    • All Special Education students must be tested unless specifically stated otherwise in their IEP or 504 Plan.
  • Disability (18)
    • Fill in the appropriate circles for a student’s primary disability as stated in the student’s IEP or 504 Plan
    • Use the codes in the Examiner’s Guide (see next slide)
    • For Developmentally Delayed use the code that most closely matches the listed codes

Check with your Special Ed Facilitator!

demographic descriptions cont27
Demographic Descriptions (cont.)
  • Accommodations (19)
    • For the ELPA only Special Education students may receive accommodations
    • Accommodations must be documented in writing in the IEP or 504 plan. Any accommodations provided must be recorded for each subtest taken. The only permissible accommodations are those listed in the Examiner’s Guide.
preparation for testing
Preparation for Testing

If you are a teacher or other licensed test examiner:

  • Identify students to be tested
  • Identify locations for each group if testing multiple classes
  • Prepare students for testing
  • Have a sufficient supply of #2 pencils available
  • Assemble all materials for quick distribution
  • Bubble demographic information and/or apply Student Barcode label
  • Administer the test following the Examiner’s Guide verbatim

Page 11 TCM

preparation for testing cont
Preparation for Testing (cont.)

Answer Documents

  • Remind students to:
    • Make marks heavy and dark
    • Only use a #2 pencil
    • Erase all stray marks
  • Check documents to make sure that all demographic information has been bubbled and/or label is applied correctly
    • Scoring turn-around will be delayed if critical information is missing

If students use a pen, scores may not be provided

preparation for testing cont31
Preparation for Testing (cont.)

Testing Times

  • To give students who are English Language Learners every opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in English, all portions of these tests are un-timed

Found in the Examiner’s Guide

ccsd post test activities
CCSD: Post Test Activities

Preparing Materials for Shipment

CCSD Site Coordinator:

  • Check physical condition of documents
  • Complete purple Group Information Sheet (GIS) for each grade
    • Write in and bubble
      • In the Teacher Name field, provide the grade name
        • Example: First Grade or Six
      • Number of students tested and grade
    • School name and code will be pre-printed
    • Place on top of booklets or answer documents for each grade
    • GIS is scannable document; do not copy

Page 14-15 TCM

group information sheet
Group Information Sheet

You fill in


Pages 14-15 TCM

ccsd preparing materials for shipment cont
CCSD: Preparing Materials for Shipment (cont.)

CCSD Site Coordinator:

  • School/Group List — Fill in:
    • The name of the District Coordinator as the contact person (Bruce Clemmer)
    • Number of test documents enclosed by grade
    • The District Name, School Name and Code will be pre-printed on the School Group List
    • See sample p. 15 TCM

School/Group List


You fill in

Pages 15-16

ccsd packaging at school site
CCSD: Packaging at School Site
  • Place a Group Information Sheet on top of the first test for a grade level
  • The location for test turn-in will be the Henderson Convention Center.
    • Return all completed or partially completed answer books
    • Return all GIS, SGL and unused student labels
  • Non-consumable test materials and unused consumable test materials will be maintained in secure storage at the school site.

Page 22 TCM

ccsd preparing materials for shipment cont37
CCSD: Preparing Materials for Shipment (cont.)

Prior to arriving at the test turn-in location:

Failure to follow these directions may cause a delay in processing your answer documents.

  • Check physical condition of all answer documents.
  • Erase all stray marks, remove any foreign items such as paper clips, adhesive, notes, etc.
  • If you find any answer document marked with pen, its answers must be transferred to a new answer document using #2 pencil.
  • Any hand-bubbled data will overwrite the bar code label data. If the printed information on the bar code labels is to be used, erase all hand-bubbled student-identification information.
  • Complete and sign the inventory form (will be sent closer to turn in date)
  • Do not place the answer books in the envelopes; do not seal the envelopes. All tests will be reviewed at the test turn in location.

Page 22 TCM

tips for a successful program
Tips for a Successful Program
  • Check shipment immediately upon receipt (at all levels)
  • Maintain test security
  • Emphasize importance of taking testing seriously
  • Schedule testing for mornings, wherever possible
  • Schedule testing on Tuesdays - Thursdays, whenever possible
  • Make sure that students are tested within the correct grade span
  • Make sure you are using Form B materials
tips for a successful program cont
Tips for a Successful Program (cont.)
  • Read Test Coordinator’s Manual and Examiner’s Guide
  • Make sure that all coding is correct
  • Make sure that there are no missing Group Information Sheets or School Group Lists
  • Contact the district-wide ELLP Test Coordinator if you have any questions
your partner in assessment

Your Partner in Assessment