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Veronica Cappalonga

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Veronica Cappalonga. Understanding the true essence of the phrase: Nooooo Problem!. Veronica Cappalonga. Born in Los Angeles, California on February 17, 1983 At the age of six, Veronica was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia and Acute Mylogenic Leukemia.

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Veronica Cappalonga

Understanding the true essence of the phrase: Nooooo Problem!

veronica cappalonga
Veronica Cappalonga
  • Born in Los Angeles, California on February 17, 1983
  • At the age of six, Veronica was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia and Acute Mylogenic Leukemia.
    • Received Chemotherapy and Radiation for 2 ½ years and then was considered in remission. She then relapsed 7 months later. Her only option was to have an Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant because she did not have a marrow match. She is still one of the only survivors beyond 5 years.
  • With 17 years of remission with Leukemia, she has lived a highly productive life:
    • Senior Class President at Santa Monica High School
    • Attended University of San Diego with Honors (4.0 GPA)
    • Volunteered in countless ways.
  • Veronica is a leader in her community and volunteered at the following institutions supporting children with cancer.
    • Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times
    • Spokesperson for the Miracle Network Telethon.
    • Art of the Brain – UCLA
    • Children’s Hospital – Los Angeles
    • Brain Cancer Walk
  • Veronica’s career dream was to be an ambassador spokesperson on behalf of children with cancer.
veronica cappalonga1
Veronica Cappalonga
  • In 2006, while studying at University of San Diego, she felt noticeably weak in the right side of her body.
  • After a brain scan, she was diagnosed with three (3) brain tumors, two (2) of which were the size of golf balls.
  • She was diagnosed with Stage IV (4) Glioblastoma brain cancer.
    • Cancer was the most aggressive form; completely inoperable.
  • As a result of the brain tumors, Veronica lost her speech and is paralyzed on the right side of the body, losing her ability to achieve her career/ life dream.
  • Although Doctor’s said she will never walk or speak again, she instilled her Noooo Problem ideology and broke through all boundaries Doctors restricted her to.
veronica cappalonga2
Veronica Cappalonga
  • Through the years, Veronica demonstrated tremendous spirit and determination in overcoming many of her terminal life challenges.
  • To get her through any obstacle, she termed the phrase, “Noooo problem,” which is her way of getting through any personal challenges.
  • Veronica describes Noooo Problem as …
    • A way to face a challenge
    • A way to overcome a challenge
    • A way to overcome adversity
    • A way to win a battle
  • Nooo problem speaks to her strength and vitality.
swimming her way to health
Swimming her way to health
  • Veronica has made impactful strides with mobility. With her positive, Noooo Problem attitude, she is committed to “living in the present” and sharing her story that anything is possible when you believe.
  • Her love for swimming began when she was a young girl and has continued to help her overcome her long battle with cancer.
  • Although she is still paralyzed, Veronica attends swimming classes at a local college, 3 days a week, as early as 7am in the morning, for the past 2 years.
  • Veronica’s short term goal for swimming was having the opportunity to compete in the Paralympics classifications in ’09.
  • While she had never swam competitively, her Noooo Problem ideology gave her the trust and ambition to attempt this impossible task.
  • In May 2009, Veronica achieved the impossible at the Paralympics Classifications:
    • First Place: 100m Backstroke
    • Second Place: 50m Backstroke
    • Approved to compete at the Nationals in July 2009 at St. Louis .
governor arnold schwarzenegger references veronica cappalonga in a speech
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger references Veronica Cappalonga in a speech:

Well, it is not so.  Let me tell you something.  Anyone and everyone can participate and reach out.  Not too long ago I met this girl, Veronica Cappalonga (phonetic) at Santa Monica Church, and Monsignor Torgerson introduced me to her.  It’s a church I go to every week with my family, every Sunday.  And he introduced me to this girl.  She looked around 25 years old, which she is, and I saw that there was something wrong with her, but she had this wonderful smile on her face.  

And then I found out that she actually, at the age of 6, had leukemia.  And only because of a bone marrow transplant she was saved, and she was in remission for 17 years.  But two years ago she was diagnosed with brain cancer.  Now, you could see that she was in pain because of that.  Her left side she couldn’t even operate anymore, she couldn’t function well.  You could see that she had difficulties looking, and you could see that she was, like I said, in pain, and that she could barely speak.  

But even with that, being diagnosed with brain cancer, she started out a website with her friends in Santa Monica City College.  She started out with a website to talk to other kids that have a similar problem.  And she’s communicating with them and working with them day and night, answering questions, making them know, letting them know, that there is someone else out there that has the same problem.  And she’s ready to answer their questions and to work on their fears, and to work with them to be included, and to make them feel they’re loved and all of those things.  

I mean, think about this woman, who is dying of brain cancer, and here she is with the little bit that she has to offer—she’s in pain and everything—and she’s reaching out and she’s helping.  That is powerful.  This woman is not a celebrity, this woman is not powerful, this woman doesn’t have money.  She doesn’t have any of that..  What she has is the will and faith in God.  She talked to me about God, her faith in God and faith in people.  That’s her strength, that’s her power that she has.  So, as you can see, anyone and everyone can go and participate and reach out.  

Let’s not forget what President Kennedy said.  Let’s not ask what this country can do for us, but let us ask what we can do for this country.  That is the philosophy that makes America great.  Each and every one has the power to do that, so let’s think about that..  Let’s think about that.  What can you do in order to reach out and help somebody?  That is our obligation.  

on behalf of veronica and the cappalonga family we thank you for your consideration

On behalf of Veronica and the Cappalonga Family, we thank you for your consideration.

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