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Introduction to Rose D2L PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Rose D2L

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Introduction to Rose D2L
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Introduction to Rose D2L

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  1. Introduction to Rose D2L Concurrent Enrollment Workshop October 20, 2009 Chris Meyer Rose State College

  2. What is D2L? • Learning Management System • Short for Desire2Learn • Other LMS’s include Blackboard and Moodle • WebCT and Angel bought out by Blackboard • Activities and interaction within D2L analogous to that of F2F classroom • Oklahoma colleges that use D2L are OU, OSU, SWOSU, OCU and a few others

  3. Requirements • Basic computer skills • File management • Word processing skills • Send/receive e-mail with attachments • Accessed through modern browser like Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer • Some online quizzes require Respondus Lockdown Browser (see Downloads page) • High speed Internet connection preferred

  4. Login Page (Screen Shot)

  5. My Home (Screen Shot)

  6. Course Home (Screen Shot)

  7. Content Page (Screen Shot)

  8. Discussions Main (Screen Shot)

  9. Discussion Tree and List(Screen Shot)

  10. Discussion Threads(Screen Shot)

  11. Dropbox (Screen Shot)

  12. Quizzes(Screen Shot)

  13. Grades (Screen Shot)

  14. Classlist (Screen Shot)

  15. E-mail (Screen Shot)

  16. D2L Comments • NOT automatically tied to SIS • OASIS is always current • D2L users and courses are updated manually by Rose staff each weekday morning • D2L located on a different server from college website • Direct URL is

  17. Rose D2L Helpdesk (Screen Shot)

  18. Rose D2L Helpdesk • • Link at the top of all Rose D2L pages • Instructions for all campus logins • Frequently asked questions • Download links • System check • System announcements • Contact form

  19. Success Tips • Rose D2L Login • Read Syllabus and Note All Due Dates • Who Do I Ask? • Access Course Regularly • Communication • Ask Fellow Classmates • Begin Assignments Early

  20. Success Tips • Rose D2L Login • Once Rose D2L account is created, it is not deleted • Users and courses are updated manually each weekday morning (as long as the campus is open) • Instructors may add a student to a class in D2L if the account already exists and if the manual update did not add the proper course(s)

  21. Success Tips • Read Syllabus and Note All Due Dates • Most student questions are usually covered in the course syllabus • Click on each tool in the navigation and review due dates • Not all due dates appear on the course calendar • After reading syllabus and reviewing all due dates, ask instructor if questions remain

  22. Success Tips • Who Do I Ask? • Ask instructor if question has to do with content that is not found, requests for deadline extensions, class procedures or class policies • D2L Helpdesk staff will not override the instructor in class policy issues • Can only assist the instructor make proper settings to implement class policy • Contact instructor if the proper course does not show up on the My Home page • Contact the Rose D2L Helpdesk if you have specific technical issues that are not resolved by reading the FAQ’s

  23. Success Tips • Access Course Regularly • Check for Course News, E-mail and Discussion messages at least every other day (more frequently in an 8-week or faster course) • Computers available in Rose LRC

  24. Success Tips • Communication • Instructor normally prefers public questions be asked on the discussion board so the answer benefits all students and private questions be asked through D2L E-mail • D2L E-mail is a closed system but E-mail can be copied to any external E-mail address • Don’t be afraid to call the instructor’s office if E-mail isn’t sufficient • Students may call the division office in the event they cannot reach the instructor or if the issue is not resolved by the instructor

  25. Success Tips • Ask Fellow Classmates • Many course content and technical questions may be answered by fellow students • Post questions on the discussion board under the appropriate topic with a useful subject line

  26. Success Tips • Begin Assignments Early • Many quizzes are open for a couple days • Instructors are less likely to be sympathetic when a problem occurs 10 minutes before a deadline…especially when the assignment has been open for two days or longer

  27. Helpdesk Staff • Dana Lindon-Burgett, Instructional Design405-733-7433 • Chris Meyer, Instructional Technology405-733-7913 • Contact form is preferred method of contact • LRC 204 (same area as Terrance Grayson and Jan Bugby) • FAQ’s and Contact Form located at