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work at home jobs: the entire story PowerPoint Presentation
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work at home jobs: the entire story

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work at home jobs: the entire story
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work at home jobs: the entire story

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  1. Work At Home Jobs: The Entire Story

  2. What Is Work At Home? Work at home offers us the ability to work with comfort and ease regardless of the time frame is the traits that attract individual to make careers in Work at home jobs. It is easy, profitable and a good option of earning money.

  3. Work At Home Careers A lucrative career, that often attract individual to make money. There are many opportunities in which an individual can make career and that also from home. Common in the list includes… • Virtual assistant : $15 to $25 per hour depending upon your skill • Medical transcriptionist $8 to $20 per hour • Translator: $15 to $ 25 per hour • Web developer/designer: Hard to define but $ 500 to $2500 per design of a website • Call center representative: $800 to $1200 per month(monthly paid) • Tech support specialist: $500 to $1000 per month (monthly paid) • Teacher: online teaching $10 to $20 per hour • Writer/editor: $5 to $15 per Article

  4. Qualifications Required An urge for work is the only qualification required for home based jobs but there are some opportunities which required qualification and degrees too. • Medical Transcriptionist: Training in medical transcription and experience are preferred to become a medical transcriptionist • Web Developer Designer: No such experience or training is required only past work is seen by client to assign work • Teacher: Qualified degrees are required, to become an expert on-line teacher you need to be master in your subject. • Writers/Editors: Again no such qualification is seen by the seeker but experience writer and qualities are seen by the clients.

  5. Work At Home Tips Those who know the joys of working from home also knows that working from home tends to blur the boundaries between work and personal life - if you work too hard, you will have no personal life left. Here we go with some tips to help you stay productive at the same time stay sane. • Define your spaces • Set regular hours with schedule • Avoid disturbance like telephone, television and others • Comfortable working environment • Set target and avoid over doing it • Give time to your family • Feel happy! You are working from home

  6. Work At Home Tips Before discussing the Scams I would like to grasp your attention on these three points:- • Work-at-home opportunities are not just stuffing-envelope stuff anymore. (Thanks to internet) • Web site that tracks at-home jobs finds 57 scams for every 1 real works. • Self-motivation, job skills and independence are critical for at-home workers.

  7. How will You Avoid Online Work Scam • Evaluate your job listing : Find out mode of payment and deadlines etc • Hang on to your money: Legitimate employers don't charge to hire you or to get you started. • Check references: Ask for references if you're not sure about the company's legitimacy. • Think again:It sounds too good to be true, but remember The winner in the scam are the sites that offer legitimate work at home jobs - for a nominal fee, of course. Don't do it!

  8. Possible Traits of Scams • Not enough information is provided • Information quality is poor • There is hidden fees or large up sells • There is no clear privacy of refund policy • Personal information is asked more than the basics like account number etc • Poor customer support

  9. Leads That Take You to Happy Earning Remember “There is no substitute to hard work” so work hard to earn money….. • Grab all the knowledge you can • Market yourself as a freelancer • Work with three strategy: hard work, time and persistence • Finally, be thoughtful and avoid scam to earn more

  10. Conclusion Work at home provide good earning option, we like to be master of ourselves, we like to be productive, and we like to do things on our own. These are all admirable qualities, envisaged by work at home professionals there are chances of forgery and scams too in the business. And if, work not taken in schedule manner it can also lead to sleepless nights and stress-ridden days. Hope the presentation helped you to lessen its detrimental effects. Use these tips and suggestions to make your home-based business the best it can possibly be.

  11. Thank You !!!!And Wish You Happy Earning