15 pets myths debunked know the facts l.
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“Cats and Dogs are Staunch Rivals”…”Dogs are Blind to Colors”…”Love birds Should be Kept in Pairs”…

There are several myths regarding pets which keep people in bewilderment. But all of these myths are not true.

This presentation will provide you 15 strong myths with proven facts. Read Further


Myth 1 # Dogs are Blind To Colors


Dogs are not blind.

The only thing is they are not very efficient in differentiating colors like red-green –orange, greenish blue-gray, different shades of purple.

Neitz, Geist and Jacobs researched in 1989 about the vision of domestic dogs and found dogs are dichromate ( having two different color receptors) which creates problems.


Cats Land on Their Feet


It is mechanically wrong. Cats may get injured if they land on feet.

Cats reposition their body in air before landing. If they are confused or unwell, their repositioning may be incorrect and they may land on feet.

Sometimes it may happen if they are jumping from short distance (due to paucity of time).


Dog’s Warm Nose Signifies Illness


There is no relation as such between warm nose and illness.


If a dog shakes its tail, it signifies happiness


It is not correct. Dogs may also wag their tails in state of irritation, worry, annoyance and aggressiveness.


Cats Enjoy Nine Lives


Usually, cats remain healthier comparatively.

Cats are highly active and flexible. They may survive in very harsh conditions. But it doesn’t mean they have nine lives.

Cats only have one life like other mammals.


Dogs Have Cleaner Mouth Compared to Humans


Earlier people believed this but the basis is unknown.

Dog’s saliva may be toxic containing harmful bacteria.

People with week immune system may get infected if come in contact with these harmful bacteria.


Cats Can See in Dark


Cats have better vision compared to humans.

To an extent, they can see in semi-dark but not in complete dark.

Pupils of their eyes can open wider in dim light compared to humans. It allows better visibility.


There are some more myths related to pets. If you hear any, just don’t believe blindly. All myths are not true. You need not get scared if you hear a cat or dog crying. Many people believe it is not a good sign. But it is not the case actually.

Always try to think good so that only good comes to you!!