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how to enhance beauty of your roof l.
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How To Enhance Beauty Of Your Roof? PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Enhance Beauty Of Your Roof?

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How To Enhance Beauty Of Your Roof?
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How To Enhance Beauty Of Your Roof?

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  1. How To Enhance Beauty Of Your Roof?

  2. Do you want to change look of your roof? • Are you looking for cheaper but great roofing solution? • You Have Two Great Options

  3. Metal Roofing • Tile Roofing Cheap and Greater Roof Solutions

  4. Aluminum – It is one of the durable, lightweight and high resistance roofs against corrosion. It is the best choice for home that are situated at wet climate location. • Tin – Since 20th century it is providing protection to several homes. It is highly resistant to severe weather, made out of heated and molten-dipped steel. It provides significant benefits at more reasonable prices. Metal Roofing – Types

  5. Copper – Get distinguished and stylish look with copper roofing along with high physical endurance. But, because of higher cost it is not widely used, also you need to hire metal roofing contractor to install it properly. • Galvanized Steel – It provides protection against corroding and oxidizing. Made out of zinc-coated steel roof, can be installed in different styles like standing seam, single metal roofing and shingles. Metal Roofing – Types (Cont…)

  6. Galvalume – It is made out of steel coated with mixture of aluminum, silicon and zinc. It is the best choice for home located in near salt water. • Stainless Steel – If you are living in harsh condition area then you require this roof. You can use it to give your roof an unique design because it comes in different styles like shingles and standing seam. Metal Roofing – Types (Cont…)

  7. Lasts a Lifetime • Adds Value to Your Home • Broad Palette of Attractive Colors • Requires Virtually No Maintenance • Can Be Installed Over Existing Asphalt Roof • Conserves Energy • Does Not Support the Growth of Moss, Mildew or Fungus • Snow Slides off Roof • Withstands Severe Weather The Benefits of Metal Roofing

  8. Clay and Spanish Tile Roof— It is natural product, durable and strong. These tiles are versatile and available in several shapes, sizes and textures. Also, it maintains its vibrant color for several years. • Concrete Roof Tiles— One of the most popular and widely used roof tiles across the world. It is available at comparatively cheaper price. Tile Roofing— Types

  9. Slate Roof Tiles— There are three main types of slate roof tiles: • ‘Standard’ slate tile: It is available in uniform shape, size and thickness also can be laid in horizontal lines. • ‘Textural’ slate tile: It comes with rougher surface and often available in various sizes, thicknesses, color shades, etc. • ‘Graduate’ slate tile: It is almost similar to Textural tiles, but offers more variations in size and thickness. Tile Roofing— Types (Cont…)

  10. Air circulation is often enhanced with the use of roof tiles. • Roof tiles are available in so many colors and designs that they will compliment any house. • Roof tiles are fire resistant. • They hold up against harsh weather effects, better than other materials • Roof tiles help shed solar heat in summer and insulate heat in winter. The Benefits of Tile Roofing

  11. Now you need to decide which one you want to use. • Hire a professional roofing contractor and get estimates. • But, who is the reliable contractor? • Just click here to get perfect solution

  12. Free estimates from local home improvement contractors • Free home improvement project calculator / estimator • Find a local builder or remodeler • Free price estimates • Get up to 4 estimates… fast! • Check out local contractor directory • Home improvement help for homeowners What Will You Get?

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  14. Regain the beauty of your home’s roof and make it long lasting. • Good luck