concerned about the web hosting service for your site l.
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Concerned About The Web Hosting Service For Your Site? PowerPoint Presentation
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Concerned About The Web Hosting Service For Your Site?

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Concerned About The Web Hosting Service For Your Site? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Concerned About The Web Hosting Service For Your Site

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Presentation Transcript

Wonder why some big sites run faster, but yours doesn’t?

  • Surprised with the slowed down speed of your site with its increasing popularity?
  • Want to improve your web hosting service for fast and uninterrupted functioning?

If the answer to any of the questions is yes; please read on.

website hosting provides you
Website Hosting Provides you:
  • Space for your website,
  • Email services,
  • Domain name registration
  • Databases,
  • Support for languages like PHP, Python, Java/Tomcat, and Ruby on Rails; and
  • Security of the your contents and hardware
what causes your site to go slow or interrupted
What Causes Your Site To Go Slow Or Interrupted?

It is certainly either of:

  • Capacity of the server or Bandwidth of the server, which is unable to handle the volumes of the traffic
  • A fault in hosting service may block your mails, may keep the features of site from displaying.
what to expect from a good web hosting service
What to Expect From a Good Web Hosting Service?
  • A reliable security for your website
  • Installation of all the compatible software
  • Proper configuration of the website and its functions
  • A 24x7 monitoring and instant fault rectification
can these features be achieved through having a dedicated server only
Can These Features Be Achieved Through Having A Dedicated Server Only?

No, it depends on the service provider and you can enjoy them with shared or virtual server as well. Dedicated Servers have these plus points:

  • You have no security risks at all
  • You have your own independent server
  • It is provisioned on your individual equipment
  • You can make any changes in it whatsoever
  • The space is the widest and the capacity to handle largest traffic volumes comes with it.
when can one use virtual private server
When Can One Use Virtual Private Server?

VPS (virtual private server) means a very high end server divided amongst multiple virtual servers. It has following plus points:

  • For the same expenses it gives improved scalability and reliability
  • It is ideal for medium sized websites with little complicated functioning that require custom application configuration
  • Upgrade to it when the site outgrows the capacity of a shared server
  • The experts see no wisdom in using the costly dedicated servers for the site
is dedicated hosting always better
Is Dedicated Hosting Always Better?

No it depends on:

  • The size and complex functions with a website
  • The volume of the traffic at the site
what is shared hosting
What is Shared Hosting?
  • Shared hosting offers a very cost effective, fully managed hosting environment
  • It is ideal for entry level to medium traffic websites.
  • It’s an ideal solution for sites which don’t require custom application configuration.
  • For sites with increasing traffic volumes, storage requirements or customized application stacks, it can be upgraded to a VPS.
  • A reliable web hosting service will itself prompt you for upgrading as and when it is required.
  • The upgrading is smooth and cost effective with well managed web hosting service.
what is co location
What is co-location?

It is getting your already owned hardware in a world class data center.

It is what may bring you great bandwidth as:

  • You can co-locate your server with a better managed network
  • Here, you continue with your previous hardware components
  • It can give you low latency internet connectivity
  • You get free of any congestion with this.
how to look for a reliable web hosting service
How to look for a reliable web hosting service?

Look for following in your web hosting service:

  • Awesome technical support
  • 24x7 server monitoring
  • The passion of the executives there
  • Level of expertise of the professionals
  • A team is always superior to the best of the individual expert
  • Experience immensely counts
  • Must be serving a good number of clients in your region

It is with

  • Its presence for over 10 years in web world
  • Its 18 dedicated server management specialists
  • Its handling of over 500 dedicated servers
  • Its service to thousands of Australian businesses.
contact details
Contact Details
  • Phone Support: 1300 883 979 (Outside Australia: +61 2 8296 5111)
  • Support hours: 8am to 6pm (AEST) Monday to Friday
  • Phone Sales: +61 2 8296 5155
  • US Toll Free: (888) 250 8847
  • Fax: +61 2 8296 5199
  • Email:
  • IRC #anchor
  • In person: Level 1, 230 Clarence ST, Sydney NSW 2000
  • By Post: GPO Box 3166, Sydney NSW 2001