Creating a 1 Stop Shop…Again?
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Creating a 1 Stop Shop…Again? “ Didn’t we try this once and it didn’t work?” SEM November 11, 2013 Maureen Carver Executive Director of Student Records and Financial Services John Haller Associate Provost for Enrollment Management. So a little about us…. Me…Before…. And after…. Maureen….

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Creating a 1 Stop Shop…Again? “Didn’t we try this once and it didn’t work?”SEM November 11, 2013Maureen CarverExecutive Director of Student Records and Financial ServicesJohn Haller Associate Provost for Enrollment Management

Principles of a successful organization
Principles of a Successful Organization

  • Surround yourself with character people

  • Work hard

  • Show people you care

  • Be unselfish

  • Celebrate successes

  • Operate with consistent fundamental data driven practices and execute them

Em mission statement
EM Mission Statement

To recruit, enroll, retain, and graduate students who will add value and contribute to the institutional mission of “men and women for others”.

Em operating principles
EM Operating Principles

  • Set the example for excellent student service via curapersonalis; stress the importance of collaborative effort by all individuals in order to reach our enrollment management goals

  • Empower all students by supporting and educating them to become active participants in their educational career

  • Actively participate, create, and support diversity in all its forms within and outside the SJU community

  • Live greater within the Jesuit mission; be role models within the campus community

  • Analyze, rework, and improve business processes for the benefit of students and the SJU community as a whole through campus wide collaboration

  • Provide opportunities for internal and professional growth while sustaining morale and team appreciation

Research research and more research
Research, Research…and more Research

  • Widener University

  • Fordham University

  • University of San Francisco

  • Seattle University

  • University of San Diego

  • University of Minnesota

  • DePaul University

  • Included site visits as well as multiple conversations

Planning planning and more planning
Planning, Planning…and more Planning

2 Major Planning Committees

  • Steering Committee

    • Me (chair)

    • Consultant…later: Executive Director

    • Information Technology

    • Human Resources

    • Student Life

    • Finance

    • Academic Affairs

    • Faculty

  • Implementation Team

    • Consultant (chair)…later: Executive Director

    • Information Technology

    • Financial Aid

    • Bursar

    • Registrar

Communication communication and more communication
Communication, Communication…and more Communication

  • Regular Open Forums on planning and progress

    • Impacted employees

    • All EM

    • Community

  • Faculty Chairs meetings

  • College Council meetings

  • Faculty Senate

  • Student Senate

  • Cabinet

  • Up – Down – and Sideways

Service delivery considerations
Service Delivery Considerations

Who is responsible for:

  • Training

  • Communications (web, social media, direct mail, etc.)

  • Financial literacy

  • Liaising with faculty

  • Project management

When implementing remember there are multiple constituents
When implementing…remember there are multiple constituents…

As much as I would like to say it is all about students…in this case, as faculty are users of the service…the services provided to them in support of students is critical

Lessons learned
Lessons Learned

  • Headcount vs. Salary neutral

  • Process by which people move to new positions

  • Training, training, training

  • Space planning

  • Timing of go-live…at some point you just need to do it

  • Good or bad…you cannot forget or avoid the politics – some people will want this to fail

“Good to Great”

  • Get the right people on the bus…

  • In the right seats…

  • Moving in the same direction…

During the hiring process our goal was hire the heart train the head
During the hiring process, our goal was…Hire the Heart… Train the Head…


  • Changes in culture and operating philosophy

  • Changes to legacy processes and organizational silos

  • Training

  • Proactive communication

  • Responding to large volume of service requests


Collective Efforts Teamwork is a core competency in our model

Team PerformanceIn addition to completing individual performance reviews…conduct a team review

Group Think

Set clear objectives
Set Clear Objectives

Team members have to understand and agree on what success looks like

Results one year in
Results…One year in…

We defined our purpose
We Defined Our Purpose

To serve our students by providing an exceptional student service experience that is consistently perceived as timely, accurate, and accessible.

The successful integration of the offices of financial assistance registrar and student services

We Defined Our Goal

The Successful Integration of the Offices of Financial Assistance, Registrar, and Student Services

Service volume 2012 v 2013 third week august third week october
Service Volume 2012 v 2013: Third Week August-Third Week October

2012: Phone Calls : 5,386 (40% Answer Rate)

2013: Phone Calls : 6,830 (85% Answer Rate)

2012: Tickets: 2,998 (5-7 Business Days)

2013: Tickets: 2,272 (One Business Day)

2013: 1,794 Walk-Ins

Year one progress
Year One Progress

  • Enhanced Self-Service Platform Launched

  • SRFS Web Site

  • Knowledge Base

  • Three-Year Academic Calendar

  • Enhanced Communication

And now in year two
And now in…Year Two…

Year two goal
Year Two Goal

Work Smarter. Leverage existing resources to improve SRFS communications, service, and processes.

Continuously check in on progress
Continuously Check in on Progress

Once the team knows what to do and how the work will be evaluated…

check in regularly

Year two service enhancements in progress
Year Two Service Enhancements in Progress

Degree Works

Enhanced FERPA AwarenessFinancial LiteracyStudent Billing ImprovementsFaculty ServicesInternal AuditsInternational Baccalaureate

Training and Documentation

Principles to remember
Principles to Remember

Agree on what success looks like

Principles to remember1
Principles to Remember

Bring your group together to discuss progress against goals and how to improve