big island trip n.
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Big Island Trip

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Big Island Trip - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Big Island Trip. Traveling the island. The Meet at School. Was exciting Was fun Was scary. The Airport. We did some of our BIT book Went on the plane Landed at Hilo International Airport. Hilo’s Farmers Market. Bought a malasada Bought a turtle necklace. A turtle is my Aumakua.

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Presentation Transcript
big island trip

Big Island Trip

Traveling the island

the meet at school
The Meet at School
  • Was exciting
  • Was fun
  • Was scary
the airport
The Airport
  • We did some of our BIT book
  • Went on the plane
  • Landed at Hilo International Airport
hilo s farmers market
Hilo’s Farmers Market
  • Bought a malasada
  • Bought a turtle necklace.
  • A turtle is my Aumakua
  • Learned about different kinds of fish.
  • Saw a movie about saving our ocean and fish.
  • Did our workbook.
lyman museum
Lyman Museum
  • I am part of there family.
  • I went inside their house.
  • I had fun.
  • After we went to McDonalds.
akaka falls
Akaka Falls
  • I saw a lot of water
  • The stairs were slippery
  • The water fall was 420ft
  • I had a big room.
  • My roommate was Josh.
  • I had a nap on the cushy bed.
  • Had a great dinner
  • Had 2 plates
  • Put hot sauce on all my food.
  • Played 3 games.
  • Played pool with my roommate Josh.
  • Went to bed.
rainbow falls
Rainbow Falls
  • Not much water coming down.
  • Took lots of beautiful pictures.
naha stone
Naha Stone
  • We all tried to lift up the rock.
  • It was a huge and skinny stone.
tsunami center
Tsunami Center
  • Watched a video about the 1946 tsunami.
  • Learned a lot about tsunamis.
  • Got a t-shirt and a book about tsunami.
jagger museum
Jagger Museum
  • Saw crater.
  • Went inside museum.
  • Jumped up and down, made my own earthquake.
thursten lava tube
Thursten Lava Tube
  • Wet inside.
  • Lots of bugs.
  • Took cool pictures in the dark.
  • Return to K.M.C. got to sleep.
black sand beach
  • Saw a baby turtle.
  • Took pictures of Lalina and my mom.
space museum
Space Museum
  • Bought lots of things.
  • Talking to all my friends.
  • Did more of my work book.