computer crime and identity theft n.
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Computer Crime and Identity Theft PowerPoint Presentation
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Computer Crime and Identity Theft

Computer Crime and Identity Theft

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Computer Crime and Identity Theft

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  1. Computer CrimeandIdentity Theft Abe Orabi Tom Ballaro Tim Williams

  2. What is Computer Crime? • Using computer technology to maliciously affect others What’s At Risk: - Intellectual Property - Personal Information - Organizational Information - National and Global Security

  3. Techniques • Scavenging: for stray data or garbage for clues that might unlock the secrets of a system • Zapping: which means penetrating a computer by unlocking the master key to its program and then destroying it by activating its own emergency program • Worms or worm programs: entail the deletion of portions of a computer's memory, thus creating a hole of missing information • Time bombs or Logic bombs: which involve the insertion of routines that can be triggered later by the computer's clock or a combination of events. When the bomb goes off, the entire system, perhaps worth millions, will crash • Viruses: are self-replicating programs which can have a similar effect to Time or Logic bombs

  4. Forms Of Computer Crime Theft of Money -The transfer of payments to the wrong accounts Theft of Personal Information: - Stealing ones information through use of computer technology Theft of Goods - By their diversion to the wrong destination Theft of Computer Time: - Use of an employers computer resources for personal work

  5. Who are the criminals?

  6. What is Identity Theft? • The criminal act of using stolen information about a person to assume that person’s identity

  7. History Through the creation of online databases, businesses, and online networks, in the past 20 years, it has become easier to commit identity theft through the use of computer crimes.

  8. Ways to Commit Identity Theft Computer as a Tool: Hacking into databases: - Social Security Numbers - Credit Card Information - License Information

  9. Ways to Commit Identity Theft Computer as an Object: Internet Fraud: - Applying for Credit Cards - Buying goods - Money Transfers

  10. Ways to Prevent Identity Theft • Computer Protection - Passwords - Firewalls - Data Encryption • Personal Protection - Keep a watchful eye on bank accounts and credit statements

  11. I am a Victim, What Should I do? • Close the accounts you know or you think may have been compromised • File a report with the state or local police • File a complaint with the FTC

  12. Any Questions?