Wars a brewin
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Wars A- Brewin ’. Mr. Black. The Continental Congress. September 1774 55 men arrived in Philadelphia . No Georgia . Formed to challenge British control . . Delegates to the Congress. Major political leaders from colonies attend. Leaders: MA: Samuel Adams and John Adams (lawyer)

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Wars a brewin

Wars A-Brewin’

Mr. Black

The continental congress
The Continental Congress

  • September 1774

    • 55 men arrived in Philadelphia.

    • No Georgia.

    • Formed to challenge British control.

Delegates to the congress
Delegates to the Congress

  • Major political leaders from colonies attend.

  • Leaders:

    • MA: Samuel Adams and John Adams (lawyer)

    • NY: John Jay (lawyer)

    • VA: Richard Henry Lee, Patrick Henry and George Washington

Decisions of the congress
Decisions of the Congress

  • Leaders realized they needed to work together.

  • Repeal 13 acts of Parliament passed since 1763.

  • Called for the people of Suffolk County to arm themselves and fight the British.

Britain sends troops
Britain Sends Troops

  • Believed fighting would start in New England.

  • Trained hard and frequently in MA.

  • April 1775:

    • British have thousands of soldiers in and around Boston.

    • They are ordered to take the militias weapons and arrest the leaders.

Alerting the colonists
Alerting the Colonists

  • Dr. Joseph Warren saw British army marching out of the city.

  • Warren warned Paul Revere and William Dawes (Sons of Liberty).

    • They rode to Lexington and warned that the British were coming.

    • This marked the start of American Revolution!

Lexington and concord
Lexington and Concord

  • As the Redcoats approached Lexington, they saw 70 minutemen (militia).

    • Alerted by Revere and Dawes.

  • A shot was fired!

    • Eight minutemen were killed and the gunpowder had been removed.

    • The minutemen hid behind trees, building and would fire at the redcoats.

    • Upon reaching Boston 174 Redcoats were wounded, 73 were dead.

The battle of bunker hill
The Battle of Bunker Hill

  • Militia troop grew to 20,000 strong.

  • British wanted to drive the Americans from their locations.

  • 1,200 minutemen fought Redcoats.

    • 1,000 Redcoats killed and wounded.

  • Americans had to retreat because they ran out of ammunition.

Forced to choose sides
Forced to Choose Sides

  • Colonists had to decide: join the rebels or remain loyal to Britain?

  • Loyalists: Did not believe unfair taxes and regulations were good reason for revolution.

  • Patriots: Determined to fight the British to the end.

No more kings
No More Kings

  • Schoolhouse Rock “No More Kings” video clip