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Caring For Critters

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Caring For Critters. By : Kinsey Simmons, Jesse Lane, Josh Lemon. Introduction. Kinsey Simmons – Team Head, designer, Programmer. Jesse Lane – Sculptor for Tangible Objects. Josh Lemon – Programmer. Concept:

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caring for critters

Caring For Critters

By : Kinsey Simmons, Jesse Lane, Josh Lemon

  • Kinsey Simmons – Team Head, designer, Programmer.
  • Jesse Lane – Sculptor for Tangible Objects.
  • Josh Lemon – Programmer.
  • Concept:
    • The concept of this project was to teach kids between ages 4-5 about animals all around the world and matching the environment they belong in. Other aspects include giving the animal its needs in order to survive. Ex: food and water.
  • Technical Research – We experimented with the NOM tangible object used for “Cut the Rope” to use for shape recognition. In that way we could use the shape recognition to put our own points down to create a shape. We also experimented with the Tiggly game where you match the shape with a particular animal
  • Conceptual Research – We played the game “Freddy Fish” for PC, which had cartoon animals, and a detailed environment. The concept was that actions occurred with a click of a button inside the environment.
  • After creating our concept we experimented with different materials including Sculpey, molding and felting. Then we added conductive material to the object to create the interaction with the tablet.
  • We created a few versions of a possible desert environment to determine an artistic style suitable for children. She also created a underwater environment to match.
  • We created a code to respond using a multi-touch program and adding code to detect the tangible object on certain positions of the screen.
user study experiment
User Study/Experiment
  • Most of the user studies with children were not the intended age group (4-5).
  • First Group: (3 kids) Responded well to the app, enjoyed playing, wanted to play more, requested more environments, 2 of the kids came back to play more
  • Second: (2 kids) Not old enough, kept jamming the screen, preferred to play with just the animals
  • Third: (2 kids) Not old enough, knew the animals and environments though, not patient enough to play
user study cont
User Study (cont.)
  • Fourth: (2 kids) Very good at playing, enjoyed playing, knew the environments and the animals, said they enjoyed playing, both came back to replay
  • Fifth: (2 kids) one too young – really enjoyed the animals though (tried to take it with him, set down his own toy to play with them), second kid – played very well but didn’t know the desert environment
user study cont1
User Study (Cont.)
  • Sixth: (1 kid) played ok, couldn’t get the tablet to respond sometimes though, didn’t know the environments, didn’t press with the stomach
  • Seventh: (1 kid) too young, only interested in figures
  • Eighth: (2 kids) Too old, seemed to enjoy it and said they enjoyed it, but they probably thought it was too easy
future plan
Future Plan
  • Adding more environments for the other animals that we have made.
  • Possibly adding sound to the program.
  • Add to the code where only one finger touch is needed.
  • Add sound when the animal is placed.