restoring potential thomas sledd n.
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Restoring Potential Thomas Sledd

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Restoring Potential Thomas Sledd. NET Training Institute Freedom Resource Series Directions for Closing Activity. Three Options for completing the Activities.

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restoring potential thomas sledd
Restoring PotentialThomas Sledd

NET Training Institute

Freedom Resource Series

Directions for Closing Activity


1. View all directions for Activity 1 Pause DVD and do process following all Ground Rules. Repeat Activity 2 the same way.Allow 25 – 45 min. per activity. Preferable method since activities were designed to be progressive.


2. Complete DVD & Activities later. 3. If no group and facilitator are available, we suggest that you do these activities with your counselor who can support you in your healing and recovery.


Important: These activities are NOT for processing traumatic memories or in depth issues. You are responsible to seek professional counseling if necessary. Take care of yourself.

Activity 1: Letter OneChoose one of your potentials:spiritualvolitionalmentalsocialsexualphysicalemotional
take time to decide to whom you want to write your letter choose one of the following mom dad god
Take time to decide to whom you want to write your letter. Choose one of the following: MomDad God

Cluster WoundsCreated when similar type hurts and wounds are experienced repeatedly with no resolution or healing:emotional wounds, sexual wounds,physical wounds, mental wounds, spiritual wounds, etc.

Painful wounds remain in our imagination andin our memory. Intellectual information is not enough to bring healing.

Ground Rules for Letter Writing1. Reflect on one potential at a time 2. Do NOT choose your most traumatic wound/ memory. You must have a trained counselor for your in depth process work.


3. Work in same sex groups of three. 4. Write in silence, then listen respectfully as each one shares their letter OR about how it felt to write their letter. 5. No advice giving or “fixing”6. Letter One is NOT to be sent to Mom or Dad. It is for your growth and healing.


7. Practice confidentiality and respect. What’s said in the group, stays in the group. 8. Recovery and healing take time. 9. Be real, be wise. You’re worth it. 10. You may stop the activity anytime you choose if you are not comfortable with the process.

Activity 2: Letter TwoWrite the next letter TO yourselfFROM Mom, Dad or God whom you addressed in Letter One.

Be quiet and listen.In this letter, say those things you needed to hear from Mom, Dad or God. Reflect on your authentic needs.How would an apology sound that would touch your heart?


John Eldridge writes in his book “Wild At Heart” - Boys need to hear:you are worthy, you can make it, you have what it takes.Girls need to hear:you are significant, worth fighting for, worth protecting, valuing and respecting.


Reflect on things that you have never heard from Mom, Dad or God about themselves And about how they feel/felt about you. Trust the process.