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PowerSchool Admin (Secretaries, Counselors, & Principals, Oh My!) PowerPoint Presentation
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PowerSchool Admin (Secretaries, Counselors, & Principals, Oh My!)

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PowerSchool Admin (Secretaries, Counselors, & Principals, Oh My!) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerSchool Admin (Secretaries, Counselors, & Principals, Oh My!). What Works for Us. Jackie Quick Stockton 8 years -2 Counselor’s Sec., 1 Tech. Assist., 5 Tech. Coordinator. Office Secretaries. Built in Reports:

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Presentation Transcript

Jackie Quick


8 years -2 Counselor’s Sec., 1 Tech. Assist., 5 Tech. Coordinator


Office Secretaries

Built in Reports:

*Attendance Summary by Grade- monthly attendance and board report.

*Monthly Student Attendance Report -monthly attendance

Honor Roll

Progress Reports

Report Cards

Custom Reports:

Student Attendance List - report when a student transfers to another school.

Zero Minutes Check Report

Honor Roll Students This Year

Error Reports for State Reporting

Birthday List

State Reports:

***Student Enrollment and Attendance

***MO Attendance Hours Audit Report

*Keep in book for auditors **We require them to be ran monthly to verify attendance


Built in Reports

Attendance Summary by Grade - used for monthly attendance and board reports.


Reports ran throughout the year ~State Reporting Data~

School Enrollment Audit (system reports)

Section Enrollment Audit (system reports)

Student Enrollment and Attendance (state report)

MO Attendance Hours Audit Report (state report)

Zero Minutes Check Report (custom report)

Error Reports for State Reporting (custom report)


Searching Students ~Start Page~




*as_of=10/26/2011 (shows enrollment as of that date)

Grade_level=11;*not_enrolled_in_period=8 ~gives me junior class that is not in 1st advisory~


Searching Students~Quick Export~







Field Values-

  • To check a box, enter 1
  • To uncheck a box, enter 0

Reporting Segments-Start Page > School Setup > Reporting Segments

Checkbox for default setting

Report icon

Use Stored Selections

Not sure of code? Use How to Search

Choose next student

Email Teachers Link



D & F Report (custom)


  • Non-Scheduled Course Requests
  • Non-Scheduled Student Requests
  • Requests by Course

Student Attendance List (custom)

Immunization Records

Search By Grades/Attendance (special functions)

Inactive/Active Students Since (reporting engine)

Students Enrolled in Classes

  • Course Enrollment Counts (custom)
  • Course Demographics (custom)


Attendance Count (attendance report)

Discipline Log (reports)

No Discipline (custom)

D & F Report (custom)

Grade Distribution (reports)


PowerTeacher Administrator

Enable PT Admin through Security Settings


PT Admin

PowerSchool Administrator will want to go through and choose which settings to allow. Article 60773 on PowerSource is the User Guide for PowerTeacher Administrator



  • Elementary Attendance is taken Daily only
  • MS & HS-both Meeting and Daily

State Reports are reported with Daily attendance

  • Attendance with full (meeting side) & partial codes (daily side)

Meeting AttendanceMeeting attendance only has full codes no matter how many periods they missed in the day


Troubleshooting Attendance

Check All Enrollments

Check Transfer Info

Attendance Functions~ Start Page > Special Functions> Attendance Functions

  • Recalculate Daily Attendance Minutes
  • Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data

ADA/ADM by Student

ADA/ADM by Date


Other Topics

  • Quick Exports
  • Data Input
  • ADA-Building/District
  • Lunch
  • Creating Reports
  • DDE
  • PowerSchool Admin

My Favorite Reports

Percents Report-Grades

Last Gradebook UpdateLetter Grades Report- Low Current Grades ReportSpecial Program Enrollment-Current Year-List all students with special program enrollments that are in the current year.

Entry/Exit Report-Search for who entered/exited this school during any month.

Course Enrollment Counts-Count of the number of sections and number of students enrolled in those sections for all courses for the year.

Current Courses- Shows the scheduled classes for students based on the time the report is created.

Birthday List -Birthday List for this School.

Verify All Information Verify all student based information. Choose a field and view the results for every active student in the school

Discipline Log Entries Search for discipline log entries

Lunch Status Chart

Age Report Report listing students under or over a specific age

Youngest in District (can only be ran when in district office)

Youngest in Current School







National PS Group: