Internationalization and cooperation in germany
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Internationalization and Cooperation in Germany . Dr. Astrid Sebastian German Bologna-Expert of DAAD and BMBF. Implementation of a System of transparent and comparable Degrees Implementation of a three-cycle system of university degrees (undergraduate, graduate, doctorate)

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Internationalization and cooperation in germany
Internationalization and Cooperation in Germany

Dr. Astrid SebastianGerman Bologna-Expert of DAAD and BMBF

Implementation of a System of transparent and comparable Degrees

Implementation of a three-cycle system of university degrees (undergraduate, graduate, doctorate)

Introduction of a credit point system (like ETCS)

Facilitation and enhancement of mobility

Strengthening of a European Dimension in Quality Assurance

Bologna-Process„International“ Objectives

In Germany Bologna Reforms led to a national reform of the university system, with a strong focus on international cooperation and mobility measures

Bologna-Process DegreesSpecific Aims for Mobility and Quality



  • Consecutive structure(Bachelor/Master 3+2 or 4+1)

  • Modularised study programmes

  • Transparency and recognition of university degrees

  • ECTS und Diploma Supplement

  • Overcoming mobility obstacles

  • Mobility in doctoral programmes

  • National quality frameworks

  • National systems for quality assurance

  • European cooperation in quality assurance

Mobility in Europe DegreesWhich Europe?



32 countries,7 non-EU

46 countries,from Wladiwostock to Middle East

Bologna and Internationalization DegreesAdvantages for Students

  • Bachelor-Programmes

  • Recognition of prior learning

  • A wide range of programmes is available

  • A Bachelor Degree is internationally recognized

  • A Bachelor Degree opens mobility options for Master programmes

  • Master-Programmes

  • Recognition of Bachelor Degrees

  • More programmes taught in English

  • Great variety of interdisciplinary programmes

  • Open Career options on an international labour market

  • Entrance requirement for doctoral programmes

Internationalization requires transparency Degrees

Exchange Programmes

  • Clearly defined work processes

  • Standardized documentation through Transcripts of Records

  • Facilitation of recognition through Learning Agreements

  • Clear information procedures

  • Mutual trust and confidence between partners

  • Language preparation as an integral part of study programmes

Constant rise of numbers of mobile students Degrees

More vertical mobility (Bachelor at home, Master abroad)

Shorter and more flexible stays abroad

Measures to further enhance mobility:

„Integrated“ Programmes (Dual/Joint Degrees)

Mobility Windows

Flexible Modules

Facilitation of academic recognition

Internationalization at TU Braunschweig1 - Mobility

Definition of „Strategic Fields of Research“ with Degrees

Strategic Partner Universities

Emphasis on geographic regions/countries

Measures to further enhance international research:

Joint Doctorates

Support Structures for Mobile Scientists (Mobile Researchers´ Centre)

Technical Support Structure for Third Party funded Projects

Internationalization at TU Braunschweig2 - Research

International modules Degrees

International (Guest) Teachers

Language and Intercultural Training for students AND STAFF

International Infrastructure


Internationalization at TU Braunschweig3 – Internationalization at Home

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