taiwan quarantine requirements for apples n.
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  1. TAIWAN QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLES Section A: Implementation of field inspections 1. Conditions for orchards Under supervision of exporting country’s NPPO must maintain low pest infestation levels Codling moth sex pheromone traps must be installed before apples reach full bloom stage. Minimum 1 trap/ha (<8 ha) or 2 traps/ha (>8 ha). Checked 2 times/week. Effective control to be applied when 3 or more moths/trap/week. Complete records should be available Orchards to be registered with exporting country’s NPPO

  2. TAIWAN QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLES 2. Requirements for cold storage Cold storage warehouses must be registered with DoA/PPECB Complete and adequate separation if stored with fresh fruit from non-approved orchards 3. Requirements for field inspection Prerequisite – 2 months prior to harvest BAPHIQ Inspectors to be invited

  3. TAIWAN QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLES • 3. Requirements for field inspection • Inspection of supplying orchards – requirements to be met • Fresh fruit processed in the packing house shall come from supplying orchards approved by BAPHIQ

  4. TAIWAN QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLES Requirements for Pack houses Pack houses – Annual verification of compliance Insect-proofed, Windows or air holes must be covered, entrance or doors shall be equipped with air curtains, rubber curtains, or other insect – proof equipment. Sorting apparatus, Sufficient lightning, Qualified person to assist with inspection activities, adequate equipment to carry out inspections, Culled fruits to be disposed of 2 times/day, Traps for Codling moth and Fruit fly Cartons – ventilation holes to be covered , Official identification codes (PUC), pack house ( PHC) codes , inspection date, block no.

  5. TAIWAN QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLES 4. Export inspection procedures – Specific requirements At least 2% of cartons be sampled and minumum of 50 apples per carton inspected with at least one apple from each carton cut for inspection Cydia pomonella, Ceratitis capitata& Franklienella occidentalis if found alive during will result in rejection of consignment (no re-inspection) & suspension of exports from the pack house & orchard untill approval by BAPHIQ

  6. TAIWAN QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLES Phytosanitary certificate Identification codes of the consignment (PUC) & Additional declaration as follows: “The fruit has been thoroughly inspected and found free from Codling moth and Mediterranean fruit fly and comply with the precautionary requirements viz., Quarantine Requirements for the Importation of Apple from Countries or Areas where the Codling Moth is known to occur as Promulgated on May 4th, 1995”“Not infected with Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande) after inspection, or steamed or smoked before export”. Mitigation treatments “NETTO WEIGHT” of consignment indicated on phytosanitary certificate and quality certificate of PPECB

  7. TAIWAN QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLES No trans-shipment via third country where quarantine organisms occur without approval by BAPHIQ Re-inspection of fruit not exported within 2 weeks of last inspection Seal of container should not be opened/broken before approval by BAPHIQ on arrival

  8. TAIWAN QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLES 5. Import Inspection according to legislation of R.O.C Non-compliant consignments will be denied entry & live quarantine organisms could result in import prohibition from South Africa Section B refers to fumigation

  9. TAIWAN QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLES Mitigation treatment - countries where Med. fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata Wied) exists Cold treatment 0°C 12 days 1.67 14 3.33 18 Fumigation (32 g/m³, 21°C) + cold treatment 2 h + 2.78°C 4 days 8.38 11 2.5 + 4.44 4 8.33 6 13.3 10 3 + 8.33 3 13.3 6 *Also for Citrus, Cherries & Nectarines

  10. TAIWAN QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLES Important!! Commencement of cold treatment and fumigation when central pulp of fruit at the designated temperature, and when the methyl bromide entirely dissipates in gaseous state. Approval of Precooling, Refrigeration and Fumigation Facilities and Equipment intended to be used for cold treatment should be previously approved by BAPHIQ Procedures for cold treatment according to USDA-APHIS treatment manual

  11. TAIWAN QUARANTINE REQUIREMENTS FOR CHERRIES & NECTARINES Procedures regarding Mitigation treatments, facilities & phytosanitary documentation as for apples