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Helping Practitioners Deliver More Effective Programs PowerPoint Presentation
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Helping Practitioners Deliver More Effective Programs

Helping Practitioners Deliver More Effective Programs

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Helping Practitioners Deliver More Effective Programs

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  1. PerformWell Helping Practitioners Deliver More Effective Programs

  2. Since the Launch of PerformWell in March 2012 126,996 unique visitors 160,283 visits 51,128 surveys/assessments downloaded

  3. is an Online Performance Management Resource PerformWell

  4. Funders to Date Annie E. Casey Foundation Edna McConnell Clark Foundation Trustees’ Philanthropy Fund Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Kresge Foundation Rockefeller Foundation William & Flora Hewlett Foundation World Bank Community Group

  5. Becoming Performance Driven Collect Data on Performance & Outcome Measures Targeting Implement Program/Approach & Conduct Ongoing Performance Management Conduct Needs Assessment Identify Your Population Select Intervention, Develop Logic Model & Identify Indicators Conduct an Implementation Evaluation [once program operations are stable] Conduct a Quasi-Experimental Outcomes Evaluation [once implementation issues are addressed] Conduct a Randomized-Controlled Impact Evaluation [if appropriate and feasible] Moore, K. A., Walker, K. & Murphey, D.(2011). Performance Management: The Neglected Step in Becoming an Evidence-Based Program, in Morino, M., Weiss, L. & Collins, C., Leap of Reason (111-.116). Washington, D.C.: Venture Philanthropy Partners.

  6. “Before, we were using our own home-grown tool, which was OK, but it wasn’t based on research and it was more subjective than we liked. The Participant Work Readiness Evaluation measures our core outcomes, and it was great that we could modify it to fit the specifics of our programming.” Mira Appleby Program Development Manager Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital • October 2012 Newsletter

  7. Visitors to PerformWell come from all 50 States, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico NY 7,941 PA 4,508 4,914 MD 4,405 12,142 DC 4,622 Top States: 6,350 4,531

  8. Three Ways to Navigate Find Survey/Assessment Browse surveys and assessments alphabetically, or browse by outcome area or program strategy. Identify Outcomes Drill down to specific outcomes and indicators for useful context, and find practitioner-friendly surveys and assessments. Improve Service Delivery Find out how to measure and manage program implementation to ensure effective service delivery.

  9. Sample Survey/Assessment

  10. “The site aims to make the management of performance evaluation easier by employing useful tools, in many cases developed by scholars, that until now have not been easily available.” Nicole Wallace “New Site Aids Evaluation Process to Increase Impact” the Chronicle of Philanthropy

  11. Webinars Since Launch, March 2012

  12. Lives on the Line: Why Mission-Driven Leaders Embrace Performance Management Creating a Performance Culture Introductionto Performance Management 1, 053 864 722 Most Popular Webinars

  13. Next Webinar How to Involve People Served in Program Decision-Making, and How to Know if it’s Successful January 16, 2014 – 3:00-4:30pm EST • David Bonbright,CEO, Keystone Accountability • Megan Fetter, Director of Resident Engagement, John H. Boner Community Center • Teresa Derrick-Mills, Research Associate, Urban Institute • Register at

  14. “Overall, I believe PerformWell is the most exciting new entrant to the measurement field in years. It makes it considerably easier to tackle the challenging but crucial task of understanding what and how to measure. The site was designed for nonprofit practitioners and largely avoids the off-putting measurement jargon found on most of its peers’ sites.” Matthew Forti “Worth a Look: PerformWell Performance Management Resource” Stanford Social Innovation Review

  15. Visitors to PerformWell come from 194 Countries UK 7,901 Canada 6,850 US 101,183 Top Countries: India 4,477 Philippines 5,579 Malaysia 1,878 Australia 4,002 South Africa 1,838

  16. The PerformWell Team • Kristin Moore • Senior Scholar • Child Trends • Teresa Derrick-Mills • Research Associate • Urban Institute • Mary Terzian • Research Scientist • Child Trends • Saunji Fyffe • Research Associate • Urban Institute • Steve Butz • CEO • Social Solutions • Mary Winkler • Senior Research Associate • Urban Institute Elizabeth Boris Director Center on Nonprofits & Philanthropy Urban Institute • Ingvild Bjornvold • Director of Strategic • Initiatives • Social Solutions

  17. Advisory Board Amanda Broun, Independent Sector Cynthia Strauss, Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fay Twersky, Hewlett Foundation Irv Katz, National Human Service Assembly James Firman, National Council on Aging Jane Wales, Global Philanthropy Forum Jeff Mason, Decisionaire Jon Pratt, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits Mike Lawson, Performance Management Consultant Nick Torres, University of Pennsylvania