Eu developments 2008 ecasba seminar june 11 12 2008
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EU Developments 2008 ECASBA SEMINAR June 11-12 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EU Developments 2008 ECASBA SEMINAR June 11-12 2008. EU Maritime Policy. Maritime Transport Strategy Paper (Blue Vision on the Maritime Sector) Replaces Kinnock Paper Will include Maritime Space Regulation Publication October 2008 Consultant Secretariat assistance of ECSA/FEPORT/ESPO

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Eu developments 2008 ecasba seminar june 11 12 2008

EU Developments 2008ECASBA SEMINARJune 11-12 2008


Eu maritime policy
EU Maritime Policy

  • Maritime Transport Strategy Paper (Blue Vision on the Maritime Sector)

    • Replaces Kinnock Paper

    • Will include Maritime Space Regulation

    • Publication October 2008

    • Consultant

    • Secretariat assistance of ECSA/FEPORT/ESPO

    • Group of Senior Experts

    • Next meeting July 9th Senior Experts (June 10th Maritime Directors)


Eu maritime policy 2
EU Maritime Policy - 2

  • Restructured DG Fish and Maritime Affairs: DG MARE

    • Horizontal Directorates: Policy Development and Co-ordination, International Affairs and Markets, Resources.

    • Regional Directorates: Atlantic, outermost regions and Arctic; Mediterranean and Black Sea; Baltic Sea, North Sea and landlocked countries.

    • This structure is the implementing organisation for the projected work of the Maritime Taskforce


Port policy overview
Port Policy - overview

  • Communication on Port Policy 18 October 2007

    • The principles of this document rely on soft law, dialogue and guidelines (see also next slide)

  • Council welcomed the Communication

  • Opinion of the Committee of the Regions adopted

  • Own Initiative Opinion of EP pending

  • Own Initiative of EESC pending


Port policy work plan
Port Policy – work plan

  • Emphasis in 2008

    • Environmental guidelines

    • State aid guidelines

  • Other areas of work

    • Transparency Directive

    • Social dialogue

    • Operational dialogue

    • Key performance indicators

    • MARNIS ongoing

    • Shore reception facilities (ongoing)

    • Shore-side electricity (downsized)


Port policy environmental guidelines
Port Policy: environmental guidelines

  • Seminar in Venice

    • The result of the work would be guidance, not guidelines

    • Commission would not open cases when respect of Guidance

    • Guidance would better clarify definitions

    • Industry is invited to provide assistance

  • Estuaries Working Group

    • Application of Birds, Habitat and Water Framework Directive in Estuaries and Coastal Waters

    • Next Meeting June 30th

    • End Result October 2008


Port policy state aid guidelines and transparency directive
Port Policy: State Aid Guidelines and Transparency Directive

  • State Aid Guidelines

    • Debate still ongoing on what should be considered state aid in a port environment

    • Guidelines delayed

    • Sector consultative conference scheduled for Riga on October 3rd

    • Industry is invited to provide assistance

  • Transparency Directive

    • An extension of the Directive to cover all ports irrespective of their turnover will take time

    • 2009 likely to have a proposal put forward taking into account the new Commission and Parliament


Port policy seminars
Port Policy - Seminars

  • Seminars in 2008

    • April-Venice: taking stock of state of play on environmental guidelines

    • June-Marseille: (delayed) Port sector dialogue with a particular emphasis on social dialogue

    • July-Riga: (delayed until October 3rd) debate on State aid guidelines, finished drafting and communicated to MS end of June


Port policy concessions
Port Policy - Concessions

  • Concessions

    • DG Internal Market is considering a General Directive on Concessions

    • Units C2 and C3 involved; debate with MS on principle ongoing


Port policy charging
Port Policy - Charging

  • Internalisation of external costs

    • Revision of rules expected no later than October 2008 through

    • COMM has released a handbook on state of the art references on the valuation of external costs

  • The maritime sector has reacted negative or prudent. A MIF note has even been issued, although not signed by all (excl. ETF, EFIP and FEPORT).


Port policy organisational changes
Port Policy – Organisational Changes

  • Jean Trestour to B4: inland waterways, MOS and Marco polo

  • Dimitrios Theologitis from security to G2: maritime transport, port policy and maritime security

  • Wolfgang Elsner to Security of land transport and dangerous goods

  • Rodrigo Vila de Benavent to Infrastructures and Airport.

  • Ben van Houtte to B3 logistics, innovation and co-modality

  • Marjeta Jager and Ms. Wolfcarius to P2: Information & communication, document management

  • Heinrich Hilbrecht, Jean Vinois, Stefan Tostmann and Kosmäki in Energy

  • Salvarini and Seebohm in Air Transport

  • Edgar Thielmann in Galileo

  • And others ...


Environment policy
Environment Policy

  • Commissioner Dimas presented EC environmental priorities up to 2009

  • Loss of biodiversity should be halted

  • Better enforcement of Natura 2000 and implementation of the Biodiversity Action Plan (Mid-term report expected)

  • Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change (end of 2009)

  • Climate Action and Renewable Energy Package (in Parliament)

  • IMO on SOx and Nox; otherwise EC legislation


Customs policy
Customs Policy

  • MCC adopted in second reading by Parliament on February 19th 2008

    • MCC is not self-executive and dependent on implementing measures

    • Adoption expected 2009

  • AEO entered into force: MS have to wait 70 days for prejudicial info from other MS; COMM started recognition procedure with major trading partners; debate on benefits continues

  • ICS/ECS ongoing: objective mid 2009

  • 100% scanning: data have been provided on distortion of port operations and competition


Security policy
Security policy

  • SAGMAS is the platform between Commission and Industry on security matters

    • Issues debated relate to the port access cards and the integration of the Regulation transposing the ISPS and the Directive on Port Security

    • A debate on minimum security standards is ongoing as well

  • ESRIF established

    • ESRIF is a platform supported by the Commission on enhancing security research with a view to framework funding.

  • First phase of study on access cards finished. A second study is contemplated.


Logistics policy
Logistics Policy

  • Bottlenecks exercise running: next meeting foreseen 17 June

  • ‘Battle plan’ on actions will soon start



  • MARCO POLO-II improvement consultation

  • TEN-T Call MIP and non-MIP

  • End of 2008 the Commission will publish a Green Paper on the establishment of logistic corridors with a specific emphasis on hinterland connections to ports.

  • The related change of the TEN-T Guidelines is foreseen for the next Commission as of 2009.

  • The ESPO Conference of 2009 would deal with the subject as well.