french and english canadians n.
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French and English Canadians

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French and English Canadians. Visual Timeline By Grand Prime Minister King Jay J. Nawri. Conscription crisis - World War I. French Canadians didn’t feel the same loyalty to Britain that most English Canadians did, and therefore were against conscription.

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french and english canadians

French and English Canadians

Visual Timeline

By Grand Prime Minister King

Jay J. Nawri

conscription crisis world war i
Conscription crisis - World War I
  • French Canadians didn’t feel the same loyalty to Britain that most English Canadians did, and therefore were against conscription.
maurice duplessis union nationale blamed english minority in quebec
Maurice Duplessis(Union Nationale) blamed English minority in Quebec
  • Maurice Duplessis had blamed the English minority living in Quebec for economic problems during the depression.
conscription crisis world war two
Conscription Crisis -World War Two
  • King held a plebiscite to decide on conscription all provinces but Quebec voted yes, King allowed overseas conscription causing Quebec to fell betrayed.
new flag adopted 1965
New flag adopted - 1965
  • Pearson decided to adopt a new flag that would represent all Canadians, New flag increased tensions between English and French Canadians.
separatist movement de gaulle s speech at 1967 expo flq
Separatist movement - De Gaulle's speech at 1967 expo FLQ
  • Terrorist groups that wanted Quebec independence popped up including the FLQ. Bombs and explosives were used against Symbols of English power.
lester pearson appointed bilingualism biculturalism commission
Lester Pearson appointed Bilingualism & Biculturalism Commission
  • Made to examine the cultural dualism in Canada. Said Canada should be bilingual, Canada should make English and French official languages.
trudeau s government passed official languages act 1969
Trudeau's government passed Official Languages Act - 1969
  • Made Canada an officially bilingual country, All federal government agencies required to provide services in both languages. French unimpressed and West alienated when French was forced on them.
october crisis 1970
October Crisis - 1970
  • FLQ kidnaps James Cross a British diplomat on October 5th 1970. FLQ demanded $500 000 ransom a transport to Cuba and release of FLQ members Government didn’t agree so FLQ kidnapped Quebec Labour minister Pierre Laporte. October 17 Laporte body found, FLQ sent to cuba, James Cross found.
parti quebecois 1976
Parti Quebecois - 1976
  • Rene Levesque formed the Parti-Quebecois (provincial) first Separatist party (not the last dahdahdaaaaaaah).
passage of bill 101 1977
Passage of Bill 101 - 1977
  • Bill 101 passed French only official language of Quebec. Quebec government employees had to work in French, Commercial outdoor signs would have to be in French only, Children of immigrants had to go to French schools rather than English ones.
quebec referendum on sovereignty association 1980
Quebec referendum on "sovereignty-Association“ - 1980
  • Referendum to decide future of Quebec Levesque wanted a politically independent Quebec, Trudeau wanted a strong and united Canada Result of Referendum majority of voters wanted no separation.
constitutional act 1982
Constitutional Act - 1982
  • Quebec did not agree to new conditions of the constitution, Quebec felt that it was being denied distinct status, New constitution was signed into law by Queen Elizabeth II and PM Trudeau.
constitutional amendments rejected
Constitutional amendments REJECTED!
  • Constitutional amendments were rejected, Mulroney promised to repair the damage of 1982 by getting Quebec's consent to the Constitution.
meech lake accord 1990
MeechLake Accord - 1990
  • Mulroney called premiers to a conference at MeechLake change in constitution officered Quebec distinct society, provinces-veto constitutional change.
creation of the bloc quebecois by lucien bouchard federal separatist party
Creation of the BLOC QUEBECOIS by Lucien Bouchard(Federal separatist party)
  • 64% of Quebec supported separation Lucien resigned from Mulroney's cabinet of Mulroney and formed Bloc Quebecois.
charlottetown accord 1992
Charlottetown Accord - 1992
  • Proposed Senate reform, put to a national referendum in October 1992, 54.5% of voters had rejected it, 68.3% voted "no”.
quebec sovereignty referendum 1995
Quebec Sovereignty Referendum - 1995
  • The ENRAGED Premier Jacques Parizeau called a provincial referendum of full sovereignty, Results 50.6% no / 49.4% yes. Prime Minister Chretien set up the controversial "clarity bill" which made it so a substantial yes majority would have to be attained before Quebec left Canada.