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Establishment of Regional Confederation of Midwives CONAMA- Confederation of African Midwives Associations PowerPoint Presentation
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Establishment of Regional Confederation of Midwives CONAMA- Confederation of African Midwives Associations

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Establishment of Regional Confederation of Midwives CONAMA- Confederation of African Midwives Associations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Establishment of Regional Confederation of Midwives CONAMA- Confederation of African Midwives Associations
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  1. Establishment of Regional Confederation of MidwivesCONAMA- Confederation of African Midwives Associations Elgonda Bekker- Representative -SOMSA in steering committee

  2. History • Ghana in 2007 • Uganda in 2010 • African Midwives Associations- Uganda ICM Africa conference agreed to constitute a Regional Body for midwives • Each country represented at the conference- representative to the task force • Task Force - establishment of Regional Body formed May 2010 in Kampala at the 2nd Regional ICM Conference for African Midwives • Presentation done at 29th triennial congress in chaotic meeting

  3. Further steps • Constitution finalization meeting – Birchwood:12th to 16th June, 2012 • Goal - to establish a continental professional midwifery confederation to: • To advocate for and strengthen autonomous member associations to advance the profession of midwifery in Africa by promoting quality Education, Regulation and midwifery practice in order to enhance the reproductive health of women, and the health of their newborn and their families.

  4. OBJECTIVES OF WORKSHOP: • Review submitted comments on the draft CONAMA constitution • Update and upgrade the draft constitution for finalization • Agree on next steps for establishing CONAMA • Plan for 3RD ICM AFRICAN MIDWIVES CONGRESS 2013 to be held in KENYA

  5. EXPECTATIONS • The expectations from the participants were mainly to finalize the constitution • To finalize the concept of the logo • Plan for the ICM Africa conference scheduled for Kenya in 2013 • To consider the Feedback from the 3 Francophone countries

  6. MEMBERS PRESENT • Association of Malawian Midwives -Keith Lipato • Ghana Registered Midwives Association- Joyce Jetuah • Kenya Midwives Association -Dr. Grace M. Omoni • Mali Midwives Association -DickoFatoumataMaiga • Midwives Association of Zambia Association -David Mbewe • Professional Association of Nigeria Midwives -Rose Samuel Agbi • Society of Midwives of South Africa-Elgonda Bekker • South Sudan Society of Midwives -Petronella Wawa • Sudan Midwives Association -SiamaAbdallaLadu • Uganda Private Midwives Organization -Mary GorretMusoke

  7. TECHNICAL ADVISORY TEAM • Abigail Kyei -International Midwife Advisor - ICM • Dr Jemima Dennis-Antwi- Regional Advisor for Anglophone Africa – ICM • Rachel IbingaKoula -Regional Advisor for Francophone Africa – ICM • RamatuDaroda - Ipas- Snr. Health Systems Advisor • Joseph AboagyeDebrah -Legal Advisor. 1st Law Ghana Ltd

  8. KEY ISSUES ARRIVED AT • The team agreed name CONAMA maintained • Anglophone African countries with a view of collaborating with other existing regional bodies. • Task Force on the establishment of CONAMA should serve as Board members in an interim capacity for a period of 3 years until elections can be conducted.

  9. CONAMA HEAD QUARTER ELEGIBILITY • Association should have at least 500 members • Record of holding regular meetings • Good financial status, with a paid up membership to CONAMA • Dynamic leadership • Country- politically stable • Permission from government • Association in existence at least 2years

  10. MEETINGS • CONAMA congress - every 18 months before ICM triennial congress • Another meeting of CONAMA at the ICM Congress • Purpose- to progress matters of importance for ICM council meetings

  11. Way forward • Typing and consolidation of comments • Share the constitution with local Associations • Sending the document to the Legal Advisor • Circulate to two Francophone task force members • Share the report with ICM, UNFPA and Ipas • Proposal for funding • Finalization of the logo

  12. Content of proposed constitution • Vision • Confederation of African Midwives Associations (CONAMA) envisions an African continent where competent midwives are available in all settings to provide quality midwifery care to and in partnership with women, their families and the community.

  13. MISSION • To improve reproductive, newborn and child health in Africa by advocating for and strengthening autonomous midwifery member associations to promote quality education, regulation and midwifery practice.

  14. AIM • To enhance advocacy in Midwifery and for Midwifery care in partnership with women, families and the community.

  15. OBJECTIVES • To promote and strengthen autonomous evidence based midwifery practice in partnership with women. • To advance quality basic and higher midwifery education. • To promote strong midwifery regulation. • To promote strong independent midwifery professional associations regional and international collaboration and partnerships • To safeguard the professional interest of the midwife in relation to work environment and professional practice by strengthening leadership. • To promote and strengthen scholarship development of the Midwifery profession in Africa • To work towards improving women and newborn health in members states. • To promote strong leadership in midwifery through strengthening the function of midwifery associations • To have the Secretariat serve as an income-generating entity • The by-laws, as a continuous developmental structure

  16. ARTICLES • Article 1: Name and registered office • Article 2: Eligibility • Article 3: Categories and qualification of membership • Article 4:Applications for membership • Article 5:Suspensions of rights • Article 6: Termination of membership

  17. ARTICLES CONT. • Article 7: Governance • Article 8: Composition of the council • Article 9: Meetings of council • Article 10:Council meeting • Article 11: Voting in council meetings • Article 12: Board members • Article 13: Terms of office -terminating membership of the board /suspension • Article 14: Tasks, responsibilities and representation of the board

  18. ARTICLES CONT. • Article 15: Meetings of the board members • Article 16: Notices • Article 17: Quorum of the board • Article 18: Finance • Article19: Secretariat/secretary-general • Article 20: Amendment of the constitution • Article 21: Dissolution of CONAMA • Article 22: By-laws

  19. Suggested logo’s

  20. Suggested logo’s

  21. In preparation of the birth of CONAMA • Invitation of countries • Conducting meetings with country associations for briefing • Set up a planning Committee • Establishment of a website to facilitate information dissemination. • Design a letter head for the Task Force of CONAMA • Open a separate Bank account for the 3rd ICM Africa Conference 2013 • Actively involve the ICM country Representatives • Circulate the constitution to the ICM country Representatives

  22. ACTUAL CONAMA 2013 CONFERENCE ACTIVITIES • Establish the hosting of CONAMA series • Prepare proper invitations indicating clearly who has to attend the meeting in advance • Host interim Council meeting before a larger meeting to approve continuation • Conduct one on one meeting with countries that have multiple associations • Make people aware that they can start preparing for election of council in positions

  23. CONFERENCE PROPOSAL • Registration: -International delegates - $500 • Local delegates - $300 • Venue: Nairobi, Kenya- probably Safari Centre • Proposed date: Week of 15-19 July 2013 • Hosted by :Kenyan Midwives Association

  24. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS • Ipas for funding the meeting and provision of technical support • ICM for funding, technical support, administrative support and coordination of activities on CONAMA related issues • Adopting this as an ICM event • Task force members

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